Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Graphics To Love!

Trust me on this one. I hold back my tears until I've really really had it. The last thing I ever want is to cry in front of somebody because it comes off as weak and if you're dealing with an ass they consider it as a sign to be meaner and even more pathetic to you. If I ever do end up crying, it's the end. It's my very last. Something has broken inside me and I'm either extremely angry or extremely sad. Trust me, it is not good.

This one is so deep. I've often judged myself for feeling certain feelings. That's wrong. I'm a human, I have a heart. I'm allowed to feel and experience emotions. It's perfectly okay for me to do that.

I live by this quote every single day of my life. I'm always ALWAYS armed with my Kindle and a book no matter where I go. My Kindle has most recently rescued me from a lot of social gatherings ... including a dinner I just had to forcefully attend at an aunty's place - a fussy, silly, evil aunty's place!

Oh yes. My headphones are so innocent in front of my thoughts. My thoughts are like a deep deep kind of tangled mess. Especially since the past few days!

I realized this quite late in life but I'm working on it. This is so true. No expectations, no letting own, no disappointment, no sadness, no sorrows, no heart break. By the way I just noticed (and it has killed me inside) the word disappointed is misspelled. WHAT a disappointment!

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