Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Ventured Outdoors

It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous view stretched ahead. A cool wind blew threw the lush green trees. The smell of Spring clung to the air and steam rose in a serene flow from my cup full of hot Chai as I sat ensconced on a chair enjoying the breeze with my Kindle in hand. It had been fifteen calm minutes. The Chai soothed my insides - an elixir of peace. My mind was in Wuthering Heights as I read about Heathcliffe's brooding. It was a smooth kind of silence when it happened. A bug came flying right at my face, my happy bubble burst - pop! - and I nearly threw my Chai and Kindle up in the air in my attempt to save myself and survive ...

Yes, I ventured outdoors. I mustered up the courage and stepped out onto my patio. It's been Spring since a while now and I've been trying to make the most of the season. Well, at least as much as I can as I try to evade the bugs plotting to murder me. They are all against me. Millions against one poor little me. I'm scared of bugs, it's no secret. The kind of scared that when they come out I stay in. Very strategically though, I've been trying to live Spring to the fullest this year. This year Abbie has been determined to go outdoors thus encouraging me too. She's been arranging tea hang outs, designing some plans for landscaping the backyard, and has even bought for herself her very own plant - a beautiful pot full of Hydrangeas. It is beautiful in a gorgeous shade of lavender and pretty flowers that are calling out to me. It's like every little bit of the universe is encouraging me to be outdoors this Spring. Even my darling Gubby who keeps saying, "Beeya, come outside and play with me," whenever she heads out.

That's Abbie's Hydrangea! Isn't it gorgeous? There's more on her Insta to love!

I did step outside for a change. As soon as Spring began, when the weather was still a little bit cooler and the bugs were still hibernating, I stepped outdoors. It was refreshing to drink a comforting cup of hot Chai with a beautiful view and Spring's breeze lightly hitting against my cheek. My Kindle accompanied me too. I've never read outdoors like that and it felt so beautiful. I even had a couple play dates with Gubby where I let all my worries vanish in thin air along with the soap bubbles we blew together. These peaceful patio chai-reading sessions and play dates couldn't last long though because since the past two weeks giant mosquito like things have decided to fly all around. You know, the grass bugs that look like mosquitoes but only larger (like mini-sized airplanes!)? I'm not green and I'm pretty sure I don't look anything like grass either. So my question is why can't they stay away from me?! Why me?

A few days ago our gardener came over and Abbie had her Hydrangeas planted in the ground where hopefully they will soon grow into a beautiful big bush full of prettiness. Bro, SIL, and Gubby have been growing their little vegetables' garden on the patio too. Mama has bought some plants too which she'll have planted in the ground in a few days. Basically everybody seems to fare well outdoors except for me. At least I'm really glad I enjoyed some part of my Spring outdoors. As for the rest of the season I plan on dolling up in pretty Spring-like outfits whenever I go somewhere, baking up some Spring themed desserts, and enjoying the beautiful artificial flowers in my bedroom. I'd rather be safe and away from those monstrous bugs than risk hanging around outside. It's all about enjoying the season and I'll do it my way - the fantabulous Saraallie way - and when I do that I shall be back with more fabulous deets of how I lived and loved every moment!


  1. Bugs love, too, so I try to minimize my time outside as much as possible. So I can deeply relate to this post is what I'm saying.

    1. Hahahaha! I am glad somebody shares my fear of bugs!


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