Friday, May 19, 2017

Official Statement of Social Withdrawal

It was in the news very recently that Prince Philip had decided to step down from all public engagements beginning this Autumn. That's where I got this idea from. I needed to post my official announcement too, maybe then I'd be allowed to withdraw from all socializing. *laughs* Let me explain myself. So ever since the past few years I've realized that the people around me are mostly horrible. I've met bullies of all shapes, kinds, ages, and sizes. I've observed that everybody is involved in some kind of fuss. They demonstrate a great facade behind which they hide their ugly personalities. I've been bullied. I've been disrespected. I've been crushed. They've tried to bring me down and they had succeeded too to a great extent until I regained my awesomeness, rekindled my love for myself, and developed a great deep relationship with myself. It was a difficult journey but I've evolved a stronger woman who cherishes her self above all.

As much as it was up to me I extracted myself from among these evil people. However, even today I have to attend their social events time and again because my family is invited and I have to 'tag along' regardless of my opinions. Up until now I protested and argued but it was all in vain. So I've found a solution: I go, I eat, I come back. I engage in no conversations and don't bother about anything happening around me. I'm always armed with a book, ready to escape to a world of my own where I can be happy and at peace until it is all over. Today, I'm releasing an official statement announcing my withdrawal from these evil social gatherings! If his royal highness Prince Philip can do it so can I - and trust me my need to withdraw is much more urgent! *laughs*



May 19th 2017


         Her awesome self The Saraallie has decided that she will no longer carry out any public engagements out of her own will, effective immediately. In taking this decision, Saraallie has no support from anybody at all.

         Saraallie will not be accepting new invitations for visits and engagements, although she may still chose to attend certain public happenings from time to time. Such engagements will involve participants of her liking who are respectable and stay afar from bullying and disrespectful behavior. Saraallie may be dragged along by her family members to unwanted socializing events however she will not attend any previously scheduled or future engagements with her own desire. In the event she has to present her awesome self at an event because invitations have been extended to her family she will not engage in conversation with anybody present nor will she pretend to be enjoying herself.

         The awesome Saraallie is blessed with an educated, sophisticated, kind, and classy behavior with which she will continue to be associated. Therefore she will no longer play an active role or be associated with any individual, event, or circumstance that threatens to test her patience, disrespects her, or causes her discomfort of any sort.

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