Friday, June 30, 2017

Come to My Side, I've Got Cookies!

As everybody knows I baked and decorated these absolutely gorgeous New Moon Sugar cookies to celebrate Ramadan this year. I sent these to all friends and neighbors and loved ones and got awesome awesome compliments that just made my day. I baked a LOT and decorated a LOT as you can imagine and it was all super duper fun. I loved doing it. The smiles the cookies spread on everyone's faces made me ecstatic. However that wasn't all. Once the Ramadan favors had been completed, perfected, and given to everyone I received a call that made me bring out my decorating supplies and tools all over again.

I was doing my everyday thing once upon a Ramadan afternoon when my phone rang. It said the call was coming from another state so I was almost not going to receive it (I hate those advertisement calls, okay?). Somehow, though, I decided to receive it and a sweet lady spoke on the other end. She said she lived in a nearby neighborhood and her husband knew my brother. She said she was searching for Ramadan favors on Google when my New Moon sugar cookies popped up. She fell in love with them and landed on my facebook page and then ended up calling me. She was super sweet and she literally showered me with praise and wonderful heart-pleasing compliments about all of my baking. It was so wonderful hearing everything she had to say. I love people who appreciate my baking and creativity. These days (bad sad world!) you don't find people who appreciate talent. So when I do I cherish it! So the wonderful lady asked me if I could bake some more of my New Moon cookies for her; she wanted to wrap them up as Ramadan favors and send them off to her neighbors, family, and co workers. I was overly exuberant and said yes!

Baking for the sweet lady from the neighborhood was a lot of fun. I got my tools and fondant out and set about baking the sugar cookies. Once cooled and ready I decorated them beautifully with fondant, embossing, quilting, and gold pearls and, once perfected, packed them up for her to come over and take them. There's a unique sweet kind of satisfaction in baking for others and seeing that awesome expression on their faces - those happy eyes and bright smiles. I love it! When she came over to get the cookies she brought me the sweetest gift ever as a thank you. HOW SWEET! Here's a video of the thank you gift I made on my SC!
A few days later she sent me these pictures over text. This is how adorably she'd wrapped up the New Moon cookies for her Ramadan favors. I loved both the favor arrangements so much. It felt so good when I received these pictures. My baking had made someone happy and then made her loved ones happy too. Mission sweetness - accomplished! Thank you to the sweet lady who let me bake for her and appreciated my talent so much. I can't wait to bake more New Moon cookies next year for Ramadan 2018!

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