Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Our Darling Spring Themed Ramadan Favors

Every year Abbie and I put together a gorgeous Ramadan favors box full of delicious treats by Sara's Baked Creations, wishes from the Ali Family, massive-kind-of creativity from Abbie, and lots and lots and lots of love! Back in 2015, when Abbie first came up with the idea of a favor box, we made gorgeous glass bowls. Then in 2016 we sent deliciousness to our friends in colorful favor boxes adorned with ribbons. This year too we put together a super awesome favors box and everybody LOVED it so much. Ramadan this year arrived along with Spring so Abbie's Ramadan theme was super colorful and bright. She put together these adorable looking labels that conveyed Ramadan wishes from the Ali Family in super sass and style. I loved the labels this year so so much, I think these have to be my favorite ones that Abbie has made so far! I'm always all about colors and these were just so vibrant! Loved them!

Just like the labels Abbie designed our boxes were Spring themed and super colorful too. There were lots of colors and while some had floral designs on them others had butterflies too. Our Spring theme was perfectly conveyed thanks to these gorgeous boxes. My favorite part was that they even had glitter on top of their lids. Glitter just makes everything so much better!

Here's a close up of the beautiful label Abbie designed. We also sent my card for Sara's Baked Creations along so everybody could find more pictures and see the making of these delicious boxes on social media. Abbie wrote down the links to her Sisterly Yours blog on a note card that looked like an iPhone screen and hung them along with the labels. So awesome!

I know I know, so much talk about the wrapping and the packing and not one mention of all that yummy stuff we packed inside. Well, get ready, because this year too the box was full of SCRUMPTIOUSNESS to make your mouth water and get you to crave for more and more ... and more!

We added a good big load of Hershey's Nuggets and Hershey's Kisses to each box. Chocolate makes the world go round, right? You can never have enough!

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Here's presenting this year's New Moon Cookie by Sara's Baked Creations! This year my traditional Ramadan New Moon Cookie was in a beautiful deep shade of green. The past two years these cookies have been white and blue. The squiggly designs, the quilted looks, those dazzling gold pearls ... what's not to love about these cookies, really?! I also changed my sugar cookie recipe this year so these babies tasted buttery, sugary, and even more yummy than they've ever been!

There's a Unicorn everything craze going on these days and I finally hopped on to that train! *laughs* The favor boxes were packed with this extremely vibrant and super delicious pinwheel cookie inspired by unicorns! I kept the shade of blue really really vibrant and sparkled these up with blue, pink, and yellow crystal sugar to add maximum wowness!

The theme was all about Spring this year so I went all out and decorated gorgeous Spring inspired sugar cookies. I quilted brown fondant and then added adorable floral details on top for these pretties and they looked so beautiful! Everybody was in awe at how beautiful these cookies looked. Something so beautiful is so hard to eat *laughs*!

Our most favorite in the house - my super soft and fluffy Snickerdoodles also appeared for the show. These are Abbie and my personal favorites and they taste and feel more like 'mithai' (desi sweets!) so we ALWAYS go for these when we send our favors. The fluffy soft centers with the ever so slightly crunchy edges ... the sparkly cinnamon sugar coating all around .... I THINK I NEED A BUCKET FOR ALL THE DROOL I AM CURRENTLY CAUSING!

Now that is how you send Ramadan greetings the Ali Family way, my loves!

This was one beautiful favor box LOADED with absolute deliciousness. We placed the cookies in a way that each one of them would show the instant someone took the lid off. The stunning green New Moon cookie, the gorgeous brown blooms sugar cookie, the sparkly scrumptious snickerdoodle, and the ever so magical pinwheel cookie. We also added some naked (not decorated!) moon shaped sugar cookies along with the chocolates. It was PACKED all the way to the top!

This is such an 'awwww' moment. Look at how beautiful they look!

I think this year's favor boxes top the previous ones! I loved them so much more this year. Everything was so adorable, so pretty, and so colorful! I had double the fun baking too because Gubby darling kept asking questions about what all I was up to. Oh oh oh and do notice the absolutely stunning Ramadan Skyline in the background crafted and beautifully done by none other than the Abbie!

Once again it has been proved ... those who know us are super lucky!
I mean, who receives such AWESOME baking and beautifully crafted favors every year?
*Takes a bow*

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