Sunday, June 4, 2017

Spring Vibes For My iPhone

My iPhone always has to stay super beautiful. If I carry pretty handbags, pretty shoes, and wear pretty jewelry then why should my phone - which stays with me twenty four seven and is often spotted in my hand - be uncool or dull, right? Absolutely right! So this time when I needed a change of phone cases/covers I decided on a super Spring-like floral colorful awesome shawsome phone case!

It is SO gorgeous, is it not? I love it! I think it's definitely somewhere on top of the list of most beautiful phone cases I've bought to date. The colors are so vibrant and the florals are throwing Spring right in my face! BAM. Spring, there you go. Now like I've stated a gazillion times before I am super scared of bugs so I don't really enjoy the outdoors and stuff like gardening too much. Which means that when mama and Abbie planted some beautiful flowers this year I wasn't able to participate too much because every single time I went outside a bug attacked me (EVILS!). So this is sort of like compensating for that - you plant flowers, I sashay them all over my phone case! There, settled!

I think I just can't get enough of how pretty it is. It is a beautiful match with my personality - fun, colorful, bright, and pretty! I love Spring colors and this phone case has them all! Plus it has such a classy look to it and is also super soft and cushiony. I love it when my phone case is soft and cushiony, it's so awesome on the hands!

The insides of my new case are brown leather. That's classy sass right there, yeah! Oh and this one even has this display pocket thingy. I still haven't slipped anything inside it yet but I think it's a super cute place where I can add something nice and funky and make the insides colorful too. SO AWESOME! I'm totally in love with this case and I'm going to be super gentle to it so it lasts for a long long while! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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