Monday, June 19, 2017

Visiting the Cherry Blossoms

It had been on my bucket list and each year we'd try to plan something but something always came up. This year, finally, we got a chance to visit the famous Cherry Blossoms in DC. We visited in the early hours of a super chilly morning a sight that was absolutely breathtaking. The extra long winter this year had killed half the blooms even before they could have blossomed. We were disappointed when we heard that in the news yet when we arrived at the scene it was stunning. Even with some of the flowers not blooming the Cherry Blossoms were gorgeous. They were everywhere in hues of pinks and whites. Trees upon trees laden with absolutely stunning florals. Beautiful!

That morning, the chilly breeze blew through the ever so delicate Cherry Blossoms and amidst the susurration of those flowers Abbie and I enjoyed our hearts out with our little darling. When Gubby accompanies us anywhere it automatically becomes double the fun. The Cherry Blossoms were something new for the little darling so she was pretty excited. We laughed, we played, we explored, we took pictures, cuddled and hugged, and had immense fun together. My two most favorite human beings on this planet, Abbie and Gubby! *insert numerous hearts here please!*

Gubby: Beeya Beeya, I want dodhee! (Meaning she wanted me to pick her up!)
Beeya (Me): Okay, come booboo doll!
Then I pick her up and hug her. She laughs.

Gubby looked so adorable that morning. She was wearing a purple shirt (not in the picture), a white leopard PJ with pink shoes. She even had a matching purple purse in which she was carrying an adorable pink bunny plush. HOW CUTE CAN SOMEBODY POSSIBLY BE? She makes my heart melt, I swear! *kisses kisses kisses* She looked like a little lady and even did her little lady walk which I've taught her. So adorable!

The Cherry Blossoms were such a pretty sight that I literally went crazy with my camera. Hey, I couldn't stop myself! I took hundreds of pictures. Not even exaggerating. Time to show off the best ones!

What a gorgeous scene right out of a painting!

They're so gorgeous!

Beautiful! Simply beautiful! Visiting the Cherry Blossoms have been on my Bucket List since forever and 2017 was finally my year. How gorgeous they were, how very peaceful to watch on a super chilly morning. There was something serene about them - maybe the light and pretty colors or maybe the sight of so many flowers together. But something very peaceful, very soothing, very nice! It was a morning well spent, I had beautiful memories to take back home with me, and lots of pictures for my wonderful blog. We enjoyed a super yumm lunch at a Desi restaurant later too and Gubby and I enjoyed our hearts out! What a beautiful day ...


  1. Lucky you. I've lived in this area 24 years and STILL haven't managed to see the cherry blossoms. Oh, well. There's always next year, right! LOL

    1. Oh my God! And I thought I was the only one who had been living here since years without seeing those trees! Hahaha!


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