Monday, August 28, 2017

Award of Sweetest Excellence for Sara's Baked Creations

The month of July brought the sweetest accolade my way when Sara's Baked Creations was recognized, featured, and given an Award of Sweetest Excellence. I was taken by surprise one fine morning when Amazing Cake Ideas left a wonderful post on my Facebook page. Abbie saw it before me and as I walked into the kitchen to get my morning chai she said, "Your cake is featured on a website and in some competition!!!" Confused, I instantly checked my phone for the notifications and there it was, the sweetest post on my page waiting for me!

"Hello Sara's Baked Creations, Congratulations! We are truly amazed on one of your amazing cake masterpieces, that's why we featured and included it in a competition ..."

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? The post sounded so awesome! My cake! Featured on a website! Entered into a competition! All without me doing anything at all! It was the first time I was coming across the Amazing Cake Ideas website and I hadn't even known about the competition yet my cake had been chosen! I felt so great! I immediately went on their site to check which one of my cake masterpieces had been chosen for a competition titled 'World's Most Dependable Cake Decorator'.

The Jungle Safari Cake by Sara's Baked Creations

Amazing Cake Ideas had chosen and featured the jungle themed cake I had baked for my baby doll Gubby's second birthday. It's one of my favorite cakes - but then every cake I make is special to me, so I can't really pick favorites *laughs* - it's one of those cakes that has the most beautiful memories attached to it. My baby doll had loved it, she had been fascinated by how fun and awesome it looked, and she'd been so happy celebrating her second birthday by cutting this beautiful cake.

The competition had my cake featured with other beautiful cakes by other talented bakers and was vote based. So everyone set about sharing their cakes so friends and those who loved our cakes would vote for them. A couple weeks later the competition ended and I got some more good news!

"Congratulations Sara's Baked Creations! You made it to the top! We really appreciate your participation in the competition."

My gorgeous Jungle Safari Birthday Cake had reached the top! I'd won second place in the competition and Amazing Cake Ideas had compiled a sweet little video of the top cakes to celebrate. I woke up to find the sweet surprise once again in the form of a congratulatory post on my page. How very awesome! I was delighted! It made my heart happy to have my cake featured and loved!

Such a moment of pride! Here's to many more awesome cakes and successes as I continue on with Sara's Baked Creations' Mission Sweetness! *takes a bow*


  1. *squee!* I'm so happy for you, Sara. You truly deserve this award. Congratulations!


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