Friday, August 4, 2017

The Crafty Files: I'll Weather the Storm (A Poem)

What are the Crafty Files?: The Crafty Files are my version of art journal - except I keep all my crafty creations organized in a beautiful binder instead of a journal. All of my creative works will be filed inside my super gorgeous file. Magazine graphics' collages, quotes, doodles, drawings - all kinds of creativity shall appear here!

"I'll Weather the Storm"

I'm surrounded by a sea of people,
Yet, I sail all alone.
The waves so fierce, the tides fatal,
My journey unknown.

My frail boat tries to fight it's way,
Unsure of where to go.
Often lost, defeated, and astray,
All hopes shattered and low.

Fragile, withered, and far from fine,
My boat sails the lonely seas.
Shabby, yet one of its kind,
Bruised by the softest breeze.

The waves may threaten my boat,
The clouds may storm upon my head.
I'll weather the storm, may I'll stay afloat,
And reach for the shores ahead.

- Sara Ali


  1. The poem is evocative of a lonely struggle but filled with determination as well. And the physical setting, the writing of the words and placement of the verses on the background, is impressive. It frames the meaning of the message well. Good for you. :-)

  2. I am going to be stealing this idea of placing stanza cut outs against backgrounds! Smooch! Thanks! And this poem has got be one impressive piece. Everything about it expresses the struggle so powerfully!

    1. Sure Bestie :D Steal away!
      Thank you <3


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