Thursday, August 31, 2017

What's Up and What Will Be

There has been so much going on since a while now. I usually love doing recaps and little blog entries every now and then with a what's been up kind of feel to them but lately my condition has been very similar to the rabbit in Alice In Wonderland! "No time to say hello goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!" Finally, at the end of August let me quickly catch up with everything!

June passed by quick with Ramadan vibes and the blessed feels. In the month of June I baked my heart out and when the month came to an end we celebrated Eid with more food and lots of family time.

Next began the month of July and we hung out our Star Spangled Banner on the Fourth which was a treat for my darling Gubby who thought it was something fun to pose and take pictures with. I enjoyed a girly day with Abbie and a girlfriend over Cajun Chicken and Veggies which was refreshing and super fun. Also during July I enjoyed Summer 2017 to its max with an incredibly awesome Sunday afternoon in a tiny pool with Gubby and some tikka boti fresh off the grill thanks to bro's BBQing. There was a grand family wedding affair next where I loved dressing up, looking gorgeous, and sashaying around in beautiful fancy dresses. Oh and must I also mention the delicious food at the wedding - those Gol Gappay are still fresh on my mind!

During the month of July Abbie and I also discovered a new store at the mall called Box Lunch which has MORE Harry Potter merchandise in addition to Hot Topic's. Oh and speaking of Hot Topic let me not forget how the shop kept sending deals upon deals our way and Abbie and I kept buying more and more Potter stuff. The entire month of July I celebrated the Potterhead magic on my blog (a month long feature I intend to do every year!) It was absolutely magical and I had tonnes of fun celebrating an entire month Harry Potter style so I decided I wanted to read the entire Harry Potter series all over again. BRILLIANT!

Actually, you know what? The month of July was pretty eventful. We also enjoyed our ladies' date at Red Robin where we discovered a new burger style we loved and also tried the garlic herb fries (which were delicious, by the way!). The foodie part wasn't over though because bro, Abbie, mama, and I also headed out to Virginia to devour some seriously delicious Pizza! THAT was serious cheesy goodness (just the thought of that pizza is making me drool again!). With lots of mall days that month too I finally found the perfect black boots and jean jacket I had been wanting since forever! It was my lucky day!

The month of July commenced in Virginia where the ladies and I headed for a Summer BBQ and picnic besides the lake. Seriously, this is probably the year I have enjoyed the Summer season the most. I'm not a Summer person and I do none of those fun Summer activities everybody usually engages in. So two times BBQ, a pool party, and a picnic - that's a lot of Summer fun and definitely lots of outdoor time for me! This is the closest to nature I can get during the hot Summery days. Not for me!

Finally began the month of August. August is never happening because no birthdays, no events, no good seasons, no nothing - but it was a fine month ... okayish. If you know what I mean! August has been very wet and rainy. Something about which I am not complaining because I like rain and I also think these rains will bring me closer to the start of Fall - my most favorite season! Hey, I even spotted a beautiful rainbow! How awesome is that?! I went for some more shopping during August and found some really pretty new dresses that are perfect to refresh my wardrobe for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons.

There were some good surprises that came my way during August too. I also tried two new recipes and they turned out to be really yummy. A major highlight of the month was also the Eclipse of the Century! The mind boggling eclipse occurred and Abbie, mama, bro, and I were all out on our patio with our phones ready to capture the brilliance. Abbie and I got pretty cool videos to show off too!

Laadee daa deedaa! August has come to an end too now and I'm getting closer and closer to Fall! A few more days and the most wonderful season of the year shall begin. Woohoo! Before Fall though there's one big event happening in my life. I'm traveling to Canada for a short and sweet holiday! Eid will be spent there and there's going to be lots of family meet ups (not looking forward to those). I'll be back soon and hopefully so with lots of awesome memories to share here on my blog! So I'm off to pack my bags for the never ending super long road trip to Canada ...

Until my awesomeness returns with much more ... XoXo!

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