Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Kindle Appreciation Post

Make time to stop and smell the flowers they say. I say make time to stop and appreciate your Kindle. Why? Because Kindle is just one of the best things to happen to me lately. I am so deeply in love with it - it's a sacred relationship! My Kindle dear has been with me through thick and thin, good and bad, days and nights - literally. It's provided me with a book wherever and whenever I needed it! So here's my little post of appreciation for my wonderfully awesome Kindle dear!

I still remember the time when I'd decided to buy a Kindle for myself. I'd spent days (infact I think weeks) eating up Abbie's brains trying to make up my mind. I am super indecisive and needed her to convince me into it when secretly in my heart I was already dreaming about a life with Kindle in it. She's a pro at advising and she'd done it again. She convinced me that Kindle would be a great investment for someone like me and then sat with me as I ordered the awesomeness. When it arrived my excitement was beyond control and that morning began a love story that will stay till forever. The love story of Sara and her Kindle dear!

I believe in the philosophy of having a book with me wherever I go. In case emergency strikes (like a dull party or a horrible social aunties laden event) I should always be armed with a book. My Kindle lets me fulfill my philosophy. Thanks to Kindle I don't have to worry about carrying a heavy weight book in my bag. It fits in even the most compact kinds of bags like that super cute sized gold polka dot backpack I have. The best part is I don't have to worry about where I will keep my ever growing book collection because Kindle can hold the world's libraries for me. As much as I love to have books all around me I do face some space and storage issues. Also since I've converted my entire shelf to a Harry Potter corner I hardly have any space left to be collecting other books. Kindle is the answer to all of my problems!

Ever since I've bought my Kindle I have been reading in the most tightest of places and at the most awkward of times. Our family happens to indulge in road trips or vacations at least once an year and eight to ten hours on the road packed with bags and what not pass way more easily now with my Kindle to give me company. I can travel to distant places while sitting in that jammed and crammed backseat of the car thanks to my books. Fiction is beautiful! Really! Oh and with that back lit screen my Kindle has even been there for me when everybody was asleep. Reading in the dark has never been more easy. Nobody gets disturbed and I can read away to my heart's content.

Oh the wonderful new books and fictional worlds I keep discovering thanks to Kindle!

These days my Kindle seems to be more magical than ever because thanks to Pottermore I have my entire beloved Harry Potter Series on it! I am back to re reading the one book series that changed my life forever - I am back to my Wizarding World! It's like carrying the entire magic in my bag. It's wonderful!

Come rain or shine the book must go on!
Thank you to the makers of Kindle for coming up with something that lets me read wherever, whenever, without the stress of storage problems. Thank you to Kindle for reuniting me with my love of reading! For in books I find my peace and escape ...

Oh and this is in no way any kind of affiliate post, ad, or sponsored piece. This is literally just me stopping to smell the flowers - oops - I mean stopping to appreciate my Kindle!


  1. My son also has an Amazon Kindle and although it’s the one for kids, he loves it!


    1. Hey Fatima,
      I think it's fabulous for them to build good reading habits early on in life! :)


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