Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A New Day, A New Dress

Stop everything you're doing right now. Drop anything you're holding right now. Focus, I need all your focus because I'm presenting to you my very new and fantabulously gorgeous yellow dress! It is exactly what the crisp Autumn sunshine feels like! It is stunning, smart, and very classy girly! It is everything I had been looking for!

I was out shopping one afternoon when I said, "I need to buy a gold yellow dress for Fall!" I literally must have walked about fifteen or twenty more steps from the point where those words had escaped my mouth when I saw it. The perfect yellow dress of my dreams. It was a beautiful tank dress from A New Day, a new line that had just arrived at Target and was exactly what I had imagined I wanted.

Can you believe it, I found the perfect size and an ideal price tag on it too. It was instantly wheeling with me in my cart to the fitting room where I tried it on to find a perfect fit. It was like they'd heard me in my dreams and then custom made the dress for me. The perfect fitting, the perfect shade, the perfect Fall like florals, the perfect style, the perfect everything! This dress was perfect, just perfect! The little bit of cinched belt effect at the waist made it look super smart and flattering and the gold yellow color of the dress was vibrant and just the pop of sunshine I needed. Like I said, this dress felt like the crisp Autumn sunshine that I'm looking forward to with Fall just around the corner.

My favorite bit about this dress is how feminine it is with those delicate florals yet if I like I can dress it up or down according to my mood. As soon as it had come home with me I paired it up in a classy and smart outfit and headed out. The first combination I've paired it with is a magenta-maroon. I wore magenta-maroon pants and a matching jacket with it. My scarf was a really gorgeous maroon feather printed one. I accessorized with a yellow bag, brown suede boots, and gold jewelry. It looked beautiful!

This is just a start of many gorgeous outfits for I can feel so many combinations and styles coming along with this sunshine gold dress. I'm already imagining it with classic black jeans and jackets, black leather jacket pairings, and my denim blue jacket too. I even have a casual green lacey shirt which would make the entire look super funky and casual. So awesome! Seriously, I think this dress fell from heaven especially custom tailored for me! *laughs* I have a feeling I'll be back with more outfits and styles with this one pretty soon! Love it with all my heart!


  1. That's a lovely dress. I like bright colors you've paired it with, too. You wear them well.

    1. Thanks Suzanne :D
      I'm in love with this outfit!


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