Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall Is In the Air ...

Happy first day of the best season of the year!
Happy start of Autumn!

It's my most favorite season and the best time of the entire year. Some of the leaves in my backyard have already started showing early signs of Fall, Abbie has already sipped her first PSL at Starbucks, Fall magazines have arrived in the mail, Autumn themed decor is out, and I'm already planning the cakes and bakes of our family's birthday season. I am really really excited as you can tell. I brought in the start of this beautiful season with delicious moist chocolatey cupcakes by Sara's Baked Creations decorated for Fall. The dark chocolatey brown cupcake base I frosted with vibrant orange buttercream and fondant toppers that were leaves in the transitioning colors of Fall. I also sprinkled some Autumn colored sprinkles and stuffed this deliciousness right in my face! Yummm!

Soon there will be the Autumn crispness in the air, the leaves falling everywhere!
It'll be beautiful and I'll be out with my camera because when it'll get cooler the bugs will disappear and Saraallie will hit the outdoors! All of our birthdays are approaching, the cakes have been planned, and I'm getting ready with my cupcake design apron to bake my heart out! It'll be awesome! It'll be great! It'll be the most wonderful time of the year!

Happy Fall ya'all!

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