Monday, September 25, 2017

Graphics To Love!

I'm the intelligent one. It isn't something I've practiced rather it is inbuilt and something that comes from within me. When I get bothersome crap from people I ignore them. In fact I have the skill to ignore somebody so much that they cease to exist for me. You cross me and give me hell and I'll pretend there's nothing but thin air where you're standing. Poof. You'll be gone before you know it. Oh and trust me, when you ignore and be the intelligent one God gets on your side and it always ends well. It ain't easy folks, but it works like a charm!

Status achieved! I can be completely alone and yet be everything I need to be for peace and entertainment. I'm awesome and enough for myself!

This this thissssssss! *laughs* SO HILARIOUS! It is absolutely not possible that I translate this one for those who don't understand Urdu/Hindi. For those who do though they'll know how crazy it is!

This one really resonates with me. It basically says, "I don't have any energy to argue to prove my point, like yes you're absolutely right. Here, take your gold medal and die." It is exactly how I feel majority of the time. I'm surrounded by people who literally argue ONLY because they think their food won't get digested if they don't do it. Craptards I tell you!

I believe this rule applies for birthdays and other celebrations! I watch my diet strictly and am currently working on weight loss too but when it's an occasion all I want is to make memories and not have a care in the world. Oh and this is also an excuse I'm giving in advance because my family's birthday season is approaching! *laughs*

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