Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Wacky Finds Series ~ Volume 29

It's time for Volume 29 of The Wacky Finds Series!
These are a monthly series I started out of sheer awe of how crazy things around me are! Here's what this is about ... Ahem Ahem: When my awesome self steps out of my bed each morning I meet a world of crazies. People, things, phenomena, and acts of nature which are simply too unusual to miss and not record! The Wacky Finds Series will cover all the weird stuff that I find along my way; good weird, awkward weird, bad weird, I-totally-don't-get-this weird .. all kinds of weird shall be recorded and snapped without any discrimination!

So we were dining happily at Red Robin one afternoon. When we were done, the server got us the bill and we did what needed to be done and then got ready to leave. That's when I spotted this on our table. This is such a hilarious way of warning! I loved it! Genius *laughs*!

Poop emoji is everywhere! I've seen pens and mugs and what not and now these: POOP BEDROOM SLIPPERS! So cool! I know loads of people whom I should gift these too!

How adorable are these! Look at Aladin! So cute, so so so very cute! Everything Disney already gets me hyper excited and now they've made these adorable pen toppers!

I am NOT a yogurt person, okay? As it is Menchies is a place I feel out of place at and on top of all that frozen yogurt I found these yogurt chips there. Yukh. Blekh. WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO PUT YOGURT CHIPS OVER THEIR FROZEN YOGURT? Why do people even eat frozen yogurt in the first place? Ughhh ... not my thing at all!

IT'S A DEMENTOR! Yes, it is. No, actually it is this monster tree near our place. Mum took this photo while it was raining. This monster tree literally looks like a dementor. Look close and you'll see the black torn robes/cloaks too! Jokes aside, I think they should seriously think about trimming or chopping this tree, I have a bad feeling about it! You should see it during a storm. Really creepy!

That's all folks! Until the next five wacky finds, have a wacky day!

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