Wednesday, October 4, 2017

OctoNovember Begins!

The most wonderful time of the year begins!
The best season of the year and the most happening time!
In my world October and November are celebrated to the max. The festivities make it all one big super duper awesome event! We have birthdays, the beauty of Autumn, and fantabulousness all around. What's not to love about this time of the year, really!? It turns gorgeous outside, birthdays are my favorite celebrations, and even television becomes so much more entertaining and exciting. I have been waiting for OctoNovember since quite a long time now and finally when it is here I have so so so much awesomeness to look forward to and to enjoy - it's going to be crazy!

My entire family is born in October - well almost all of them. First of October was my Po Teddy's bear-thday (just some fun folks!), and today on the fourth is Mama's birthday! Tomorrow shall be SIL's. Next shall be the most important and most awesome day of the year because ... *DRUM ROLLS* It's my birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Yes, on the nineteenth I am turning twenty six years old! I am completing twenty five years of life can you believe it? I can't wait for my birthday! I think I won't even be able to sit straight in one place because I am just so excited! Then exactly a month later, on November's nineteenth my best friend, my closest and dearest, my favorite Abbie will celebrate her birthday! She's the person I'm the closest to in my entire world so imagine how important and exciting an affair her birthday is going to be for me! Finally, our family's birthday fest will wrap up with my darling Gubby's birthday on the twentieth of November. That little munchkin is growing up so fast! She's going to be turning three! God bless her! *insert a million hearts here*

So many birthdays to celebrate which means SO much baking to do! I am going to be baking so so so so much and once again making beautiful cakes (hopefully!) this year. I've already been planning everybody's cakes since at least a month ago and now that it's all in my head all I have to do is execute my plans as beautifully as they look inside my head! As I type right now I've already designed a gorgeous and REALLY stunning cake for mama's birthday! It looks so beautiful and with such a successful start to my grand birthday baking session I feel even more confident and awesome about Abbie and Gubby's cakes! It's all going to be posted on my Facebook page and Instagram so don't miss out and make sure you follow Sara's Baked Creations' Facebook and Instagram!

As I said even everything on television becomes super interesting in OctoNovember! BIGG BOSS SEASON ELEVEN JUST STARTED!!! Salman Khan is back on my TV screen telling me to do "whatever you like to do man" in the eleventh season of BB which has already become juicy and spicy in just its first week. They've brought some super controversy creating idiots and some pretty strong and interesting contestants this year and I just know this is going to be one crazy season! Oh and Salman Khan on the weekends shall be a treat of course!

Also new on TV for OctoNovember is a brand new delicious season of Cake Boss! I'm such a fan of this man and just the thought of seeing more of his cakes is making me so happy! So far I've seen the season premiere which was so emotional. I feel super sad for the loss of his mother and the episode honoring her was much deserved too. Seeing Buddy miss her gets me real emotional too. My DVR is all set to record all the new episodes and while I might not get to watch them live I'm still looking forward to all the inspiration his AWESOME cakes will give me! LOVE THE CAKE BOSS!

Please lets just all agree with me on this: Fall is the most beautiful season of the year! The colors, the crisp air, the changing weather, the early signs of Winter, and the beautiful sunsets. I could actually go on and on and fill pages about what all I love about this season. I am so glad I am a Fall baby! This is my season. This is my time of the year. I'm going to get all my closet rearranged so I can pair some gorgeous Fall outfits starting tomorrow and as soon as it gets a bit chilly (and the bugs disappear) I'm heading out with my camera!

Speaking of getting my camera and heading out ... it is time for OCTOPHOMO! One photo a day for every day of the month! I love it every year and same this time too! Find all my entries right here!

The best part about having SO much awesomeness in my life during OctoNovember is that I have SO much to blog about. Everything I'll be up to and all that I will do will show up right here on the blog. I've already been posting all my new shopping and some baking I did for Fall too and OctoPhoMo is now live too. Stay tuned for a room makeover coming up next, Fall outfits, Fall fun I'll be enjoying with Abbie, and Birthday celebrations' updates. SO MUCH MORE TOO! I'm going to be one happy blogger in OctoNovember!

Happy OctoNovember everybody! Hope yours is as exciting and full of fun as mine!

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