Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Graphics To Love

In case one wonders what these 'Graphics To Love' are all about!
Each month I post about five Graphics which I come across while randomly surfing the web. Beautiful, hilarious, and relatable things show up in my social media feeds every day. Often, a lot of these graphics spark thoughts in my head which I want to blog about. So I put some of the best ones together in one blog post and chit chat away! None of the graphics are mine and most of them are being shared without credit so they can't even be traced! I just like to spend a few minutes speaking my mind. So here they are ...

This is me! *laughs* This is just me! I've reached a level of self love equal to this statement. I laughed extra hard on the part 'everyone dies'! That's what's been happening lately ... haters just hate till a day comes when they just realize they can't destroy me! Laters, haters!

The question is, do you or do you not eat raw cookie dough? I actually don't! I love it in ice creams and stuff, true. However, when it comes to my own baking I have never licked or eaten raw dough.

SERIOUSLY HUNGRY PEOPLE. People who love food, like me! I love baking so much and lately, with so many birthdays in the family, I've gotten so many chances to bake. I'm on my way to greatness, baking one treat at a time!

I laughed harder than I should have! THIS IS HILARIOUS! You know sometimes these lame puns and jokes make me laugh harder than actual ones. I will never be able to read this baking instruction the same way again! *laughs*

I saved the best one for last! My friend sent this to me over Whatsapp and I spent the next few HOURS repeatedly bursting into fits of laughter. Let me clarify first, I am number one! Hahahaha! 2 is not for me because I'd never let my body touch the seat more than needed and to hold the feet up like that would give me a leg cramp! 3 doesn't make sense at all! Why would you sit like that? 4 would be too much of my back touching - eew! Oh and feet too. NO WAY. 5 would give me balancing issues if I ever even attempted it. Same with 6, I'd fall on my face. 7 is impossible! Isn't there always a wall behind? 8 is major balancing issues! 9 is insane and I am laughing like mad! Finally 0 is a Harry Potter reference, you're trying to get to the Ministry of Magic! Hahhahaha! THIS GRAPHIC IS THE BEST!

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