Friday, November 10, 2017

What's Been Up Lately

I've been so preoccupied lately that life has been one insane flash since a while. I rush against time to try and make the most of my day and try to achieve more than it is humanly possible to in twenty four hours. Some of it has been good and the rest bad. So I've been up to the good, bad, and ugly all at once and my blog has suffered from not posting the regular entry every third day. I know it doesn't matter and I'm not fretting over it either but I like to live through my creativity and blogging so it helps keep my mind at ease when I'm doing what I love. I've been struck with a terrible writer's block since a while and it felt like a sickness to me! I'm trying to force myself out of that nasty rut now and my first step in doing so was writing about my block a few days ago. With that vented out and rambled on my fabulous blog I think I need an update post now to catch up and (hopefully) get on with lots of awesome blogging. So what all have I been up to?

The OctoNovember Birthday Season!
We all have our birthdays in the October and November Fall season and like I've written about it before it feels like one long extended celebration. So far we've had Po's birthday, mama's birthday, SIL's birthday, and my birthday in October. Coming up next is Abbie's birthday and Gubby's birthday for which I've already started my planning and arrangements. Since I'm the family's baker and cake decorator this time of the year is both extremely hectic and extremely fun for me. Decorating all those cakes so close together leaves me super tired and panicked too but at the same time it's what I love so it makes me swell up with joy (and calories from the cakes!). I already posted a bear-thday wish for Po and some pretty pictures of mama's birthday celebrations and soon I'll be posting about how I spent my awesome birthday too!

Oh and find mama's beautiful birthday celebration by clicking on the picture below!

Land Lady Life!
I have been very busy with work lately. We spend lots of time out and about doing real estate stuff and at the end of the day I have a teeny tiny portion of the day left which gets taken over by chores. End result: I have no time for blogging or crafting left. I try to make the most of it though by taking in the beautiful Autumn scenery when we're out on the roads and indulging in photography wherever and whenever I can!

Photography Challenges!
So as everybody knows during the month of October I was enjoying the OCTOPHOMO (October Photography Month). While randomly surfing one day I came across a blog called Simply, Apostolia where the beautiful Apostolia is hosting an Instagram Photography Challenge through the month of November. It's thirty pictures for each day of the month based on fun prompts she's come up with. I'm having a TONNE of fun doing the challenge and have found some brilliant bloggers as participants too! It is just so much fun! All the details can be found on her blog here!!! Oh and find below the first photo from my Instagram!

XoXo ~ Manhattan Escape!
It's no secret that I love Gossip Girl. Well, anybody who loves that show automatically falls in love with NYC and so have I. Whenever mama plans a trip to New York (for her Indian Sari shopping *rolls eyes at that nasty area*) I instantly get into my Gossip Girl spirit. You know what that is right? Gossip Girl narration in my mind's background and the same Blair and Serena level of sass in my steps! There is something in the air in NYC. There is something about being in the same places as Blair and Serena and Nate and Chuck and aaaaaaaaah! Love it! I had a pleasant time, especially posing at the famous Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. I'll be posting details and beautiful pictures from my trip to NYC soon!

Saraallie and the Gapstow Bridge!

New Year's Blog Preparations!
Judging from how absolutely hectic and rushed up my life is becoming by the day (and I was just told to not get cozy with my laptop and get going with chores *insert sarcastic face*) I think I should really get started on my New Year's blog posts. Every year I do a blog review and a roundup of some stuff that happened all year and it does take a little bit of time to get all those pretty graphics together. So I'm going to be focusing on those alongside so that when December begins to end I am not rushing my brains out of my ears (eew!).

So that's that! I have a gazillion plans about blogging all in my head and brainstormed on a doc too but I'm deciding to go slow and easy. The world won't slow down around me or give me time to do my thing. Rather than killing myself trying to do everything in that tiny little bit of the night I get to myself after everybody's work is done, I'll go slow and easy on myself! I can already think of some really meaningful resolutions forming for the new year to come ... good luck to me!

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