Friday, December 22, 2017

Did I Keep My Resolutions for 2017?

Oh, the start of a new year ... what a special feeling it is. Each time a new year begins we feel like a fresh breeze is blowing towards us bringing with it a fresh new chance at life. Every year we reset ourselves and get into the spirit to do everything differently. Each time we brace ourselves for whatever lies ahead of us. There is the fear of the unknown and the excitement of its anticipation. With the excitement come the new year's resolutions, the promises we make for and to ourselves every year. Some of them we keep, some we try to keep, and others we forget half way through January. With 2018 beginning soon I'll be making new promises. Before I do, it's time to check up on my resolutions from 2017. Did I fulfill all my resolutions this past year? Or did I fail and forget some?

Love myself truly, madly, deeply: I achieved a lot of self love this past year. I think I am fully in peace with myself. By that I don't mean that I think I'm perfect. I now fully embrace every little thing about me, the good and the bad both. The bad, I try to fix and the good, I love about myself. I'm the person I love the most in this universe! - SUCCESS!

Do more of what makes me happy: All through 2017 I did lots of things which made me happy. I took up a lot of crafty projects and retired to my lovely happy-place bedroom to finish all of them. I cooked a lot of new delicious recipes. I baked such beautiful cakes and delicious sweets. I paired gorgeous outfits and had lots of pretty days. I blogged my heart out! I think I definitely kept myself happy this year regardless of what went round around me. - SUCCESS!

Be super duper creative: 2017 was a really creative year for me. I just glanced at the list of crafts I did this year and oh my, have I been creative or what!? Even Sara's Baked Creations - my baking brand - saw a lot of creative progress this year. My cakes for everyone's birthdays this past year were more complex, challenging, and beautiful than ever. I started my Crafty Files this year too, which is basically my folder/file version of what people normally call their art journal. This one is a definite success for me for sure! - SUCCESS!

Break a bad habit: I think it takes great effort to find your bad habits, accept that you have them, and then try to give them up. I did so in 2016 and once again this year I've broken a bad habit of mine. I like to keep the details to myself on this one but this year I broke a big bad habit for good! - SUCCESS!

Spiritual Enlightenment: I have this on my resolutions' list every year because each new year I want to get closer to my beliefs and stronger in faith. I believe my faith is something super personal so unlike other people I know around me I refuse to show off about what I do and don't do. I think it should be between you and God and not something you have to debate and discuss with those around you just to be part of a social circle. So without the details let me tell you that I definitely grew much more stronger in faith this past year. I've done a lot to become a better person and I'm sure this year God must have seen me getting better and better. So once again ... - SUCCESS!

Stay far away from negativity: Oh, trust me, I ran away from negativity this year with my eyes closed and the palms of my hands covering my ears. I just ran. I cut off negative people from my life as much as I could. I did not engage in spreading negative vibes anywhere. I stayed away from anything and anyone who could have added to the ever increasing negativity of this world! I think it is something I need to continue working on next year too because I admit, some people still do affect me ... maybe like a teeny tiny bit. - SUCCESS!

Appreciate the goodness around me: 2017 was a pretty harsh year. It was busy, hectic, and full of stuff that drove me mad. So this was a particularly difficult resolution to keep. Yet, I think I succeeded. Through the bad and the ugly (and I'm talking nasty level monstrous kind of ichor-drooling-demon ugliness) I tried to find the goodness around me to stay sane. When people gave me hell I thanked God for Abbie who is always by my side. When life became hectic I tried to stay sane by focusing on planning what I'd do once I got relaxing time again. I was much more thankful and grateful this year too! - SUCCESS!

Focus on my health: I worked out, lost some weight, ate healthy, tried to stay away from painkillers (unless a terrible wrathful migraine struck!), ate my vitamins, and took out time for myself. I definitely did focus on my health! I even went back to the chiropractor to get my forever-hurting neck treated and it has helped so much. What I'm most happy about though is the regular working out that I've maintained through 2017! - SUCCESS!

Oh wow, look at that! I've been a good girl this year. Haven't I!? Once again this year I kept all my new year's resolutions. It makes me so proud of myself! I'm already planning out my resolutions for next year and 2018 will be even better - fingers crossed!

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