Monday, December 4, 2017

DIY Magical Harry Potter Greeting Card

It was Abbie's birthday and I had planned a magical Harry Potter themed birthday for her this year. There was a magnificent Harry Potter themed birthday decor, my absolutely stunning Harry Potter cake, and Potter merchandise for her birthday presents. Everything was magical and Potter themed so why should her birthday card have been any different! Just like last year I decided to make her a birthday card myself. There is a special kind of fun and awesomeness in a handmade card which a store bought can not compare to. It's so personal and so straight from the heart, you just can't beat it! I looked all over Pinterest for inspiration and then decided on a design I loved. An adorable graphic version of Harry with his Gryffindor scarf, iconic round glasses, and the famous lightning shaped scar was just the perfect greeting card to go with this year's theme.

I took step by step pictures while making this adorable version of Harry. It's simpler than it looks and a super awesome craft project. It was so much fun making this card I could actually make more any day! *laughs* Let me take you through each step in creating the magic! (BONUS: I made a making video too! Woohoo!)

First I took a letter sized regular printer paper and folded it in half so it would turn into a portrait fold greeting card. I wanted a portrait card because the height was what I needed to make sure I had a Harry Potter face looking back at me.

Next I drew my Gryffindor scarf. To do that I first drew a line to create a small rectangle on the lower edge of the card. Then, I drew measured vertical lines to create smaller vertical rectangles. You'd want to make sure the width of the rectangles is equal so you get a neat scarf like look when you're done.

When the scarf was done I also drew out a little rough outline of Harry's hair. Even though you end up covering this up it is good to have a rough sketch to make sure everything turns out exactly like you want it to.

Next I started sketching out the glasses. You'll need two circles to sketch out the glasses with one slightly smaller than the other. I used the cap of my push pin bottle. Round shapes of any kind work so get creative and work with what you have!

Using the cap of the push pins' bottle I drew out two circles. I actually used a ruler to guide me and make sure both circles were at the same height.

For the smaller inner circle I used the cork cap/stopper of my other push pins' bottle. Again, anything works so get creative!

Using the cork cap I drew smaller circles inside the bigger circles.

To complete Harry's glasses I drew connecting lines of equal widths on the sides and in the middle of the circles to finish the rims. It looked perfect!

Next I got out yellow and red Sharpies and drew guiding lines first on each rectangle. Then I filled them in with corresponding colors. The guiding lines made sure the scarf was even and neat on the top.

This is what I was looking at after I'd shaded in the scarf. It had already started looking perfect!

Little Harry came to give me a thumbs up of approval here too! *laughs*

When the scarf was done I took a black Sharpie and filled in my sketch for the glasses.

Now let me tell you a little secret here. Before making this card I'd first thought I would color in the hair line as well as the scarf. However, while working on it I decided a separate black cut out hair line would look even better. So I'd already outlined Harry's hair with a black Sharpie before the idea hit me. Later you'll see I had to cover up the outline a little bit to hide my initial plan but it all worked out in the end and looked beautiful! So I drew out an outline of Harry's hair on a piece of black construction paper and cut it out.

For Harry's scar I used a glittery gold scrapbook paper. I had small scraps left from a previous craft project which were perfect for the size of his scar. Before I cut the scar out I aligned the hair and the gold piece of paper on the card to make sure everything fit perfectly.

When sticking the hair I had to cover up the hair outline I'd previously drawn out before I had a change of plans. In doing so a bit of the construction paper hair overlapped the glasses. I loved how it looked with the little overlap. It really looked like Harry's messy hair which kept falling in his eyes. Win win! Sometimes errors can be so good for you! I used a glue gun to stick the hair in place before I started working on his scar.

For the scar I simply cut out a lightning bolt shape out of the gold paper and once I'd made sure it was the perfect size for my hair cutout I used a glue gun to glue it in place. It looked so awesome!

Once everything was secure in its place I cut off the excess bits off of my card. The little extra white area on top of the hair and the extra width of the hair got cut off. I cut the top at a slight angle to give more character to my Harry. It looked like a nice stylish hair style! *laughs*

And tadaaaaaa! The most adorable Harry Potter greeting card was looking back at me!

Done done done done done!

On the inside of this card I added a beautiful collage of our memories from The Wizarding World Orlando and a birthday message for my bestie Abbie. She LOVED it! Abbie has displayed my little Harry in her Potter shelf with all the rest of her Harry Potter merchandise! Love it!

Here's a bonus making video as promised! You can see how much fun I had while making this adorable greeting card version of our favorite Harry!
Potterheads forever and ever!


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