Thursday, January 25, 2018

Graphics To Love

In case one wonders what these 'Graphics To Love' are all about!
Each month I post about five Graphics which I come across while randomly surfing the web. Beautiful, hilarious, and relatable things show up in my social media feeds every day. Often, a lot of these graphics spark thoughts in my head which I want to blog about. So I put some of the best ones together in one blog post and chit chat away! None of the graphics are mine and most of them are being shared without credit so they can't even be traced! I just like to spend a few minutes speaking my mind. So here they are ...

Oh my Lord ... Desi people and their obsession with fair skin. This graphic cracked me up when it showed up in my feed. Even more important than the fair skin tone obsession part is the last little bit: not even prince baitey (sons). Seriously Desi aunties, look at your sons for just a second first before you comment on your potential daughter in law choices! They are NOT prince charming from any possible angle thus they shall have no right to comment on anybody else.

WHO? I repeat ... WHO on earth came up with this absurd thought? I think I can never unsee this. Parvati and Padma shall never be the same again ... EVER!

Here's to me and to you if you're that girl too!
Here's to knowing magic is real ... here's to dreaming on and on until our very last breath.

Therefore I shall never stop blogging. Often, life brings me down. Sometimes I think, 'who is even reading?' or 'why am I even doing this?' But then I look at my blog and I see how much love I've put into it and how positively it has shaped my life for me. That's when this quote comes to me. I shall never stop writing and I shall never fail!
And in that quiet moment of my life I find the most peace. I have been reading through the best and worst times and it has been so good. Sometimes when everybody around me is yapping on about negative stuff I just pull out my Kindle and read myself to a peaceful state. It is beautiful. It is my beautiful quiet corner of the world.

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