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Movies I Watched In 2017

First Time Watches
The first movie I watched in 2017 was The Shallows and what a brilliant one it was. It was a treat watching Blake Lively not as my beloved Serena from GG and she proved to be a great actor to me. It had been ages since I'd seen a shark attack kind of movie and this one did not disappoint. First I thought a movie with just one woman being attacked by a shark, how would that stay entertaining till the end? But then I realized Blake Lively's struggle alone was superb to see. Minus the little bloody part where she fixes her own leg's wound, which by the way showed up right when my food arrived on the plane so I had to look away, the entire movie was superb! I loved it and definitely would recommend it to anybody! It was super cool!

Another Tiger Shroff movie I watched because Abbie likes him and another that I thought is a one time watch only. Okay, let me ask, what was new in this movie? The same fights, the same look, the same everything? I think I watched this one for Shradha Kapoor rather than for him or the story itself.

I finally joined the Nemo team this past year and fell in love! Such a fun movie. I even got teary eyed on some of the emotional bits (overly emotional person!). I saw this one while flying and I think this and The Shallows were my two favorites that flight. I can watch Nemo again and again and not get bored. It is another Disney masterpiece!

A Disney movie, The Big Friendly Giant had that dreamlike Disney charm to it. I liked watching it but not as much as Nemo. It was a little slower or calmer than Nemo was and even though this was good entertainment I'd say I won't necessarily watch it again or repeatedly like I would any other Disney movie. I loved the giants and the dreamy aspects and the whole ending with the royals was cute! So slightly slower for me but a cute movie!

From the makers of The Conjuring? So why wasn't it just as good? Honestly speaking if I had watched this at home and not on the plane I wouldn't even have been as scared as I was. Lights Out was fine but not that  super scary stuff which leaves you afraid and not wanting to go to the bathroom alone!

I watched this one while on a flight too. When I saw Sidharth Malhotra's movie in their guide I was instantly clicking 'play'. This was a nice movie. Baar Baar Dekho still doesn't reach Malhotra's Student of the Year level of goodness but I liked watching it. A time travel movie, Baar Baar Dekho was fun because I kept wondering what would happen next. It was a bit slow though ... I mean it could have been more entertaining given its plot. This too, I'd say, is a one time watch but a good one at that.

The return to the magical Wizarding World! What a grand movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was. Abbie and I had a private movie night with nobody else in the house when we watched this one and had the time of our lives. This is lovely! This is ... FANTASTIC! I need to watch it again and then again and again and again. Then I need to get the sequels and then keep on repeatedly watching them too. This is definitely going to become part of the HP movie marathon!

Please tell me what kind of parents, or anyone for that matter, would let a doll that looks like THAT come to their house and stay there!? *laughs* This was a good creepy movie but still not like they used to make a while ago. Chucky was definitely creepier if you're asking me on a creepy-doll-movie kind of level. A good watch nevertheless!

Pompeii was a grand movie - a great one! It was a classic. I loved watching it! It was especially cool because I've been to the place and could actually take interest in what was happening. The love story bit was obviously unnecessary but the movie was so good I couldn't complain! Loved it!

"Dear Zindagi made me fall in love; I fell in love with the characters, the story, the emotions, the everything. It is a beautiful movie, a soul pleasing one." Read my review about this lovely movie right here! I loved it!

When I'd heard they were making my favorite Disney cartoon movie into an actual movie I'd actually felt stressed out that they won't do it justice. Then when I heard Emma Watson was going to be Belle and her pictures emerged online I relaxed because she seemed the perfect choice. Finally, when I watched the movie, I was relieved. In fact it was beyond imagination awesome! They've done perfect justice to the original cartoon movie. It was funny, it was magical, it was fantastic! It was a perfect Disney movie to fall in love with and watch again and again!

Earlier during the year I'd fallen in love with Nemo so when Finding Dory came to Netflix I was so happy! I watched it as soon as I could and it was superb! I think I'm confused whether I liked Dory more than Nemo or not. I think I did! I loved Dory! But then I'll have to watch both of them again to give a verdict! These movies are too good! I'm glad I finally watched them both in 2017!

On our road trip to or from Canada (I forget) Abbie and I decided to watch this. I thought it would be a good horror movie. Little did I know it was a pathetic case. The creature they've made was making me laugh rather than be afraid. The cast was just not interesting at all. The story, although it had potential, was a total lost cause. The deaths were gore and totally fake. The entire thing was just one piece of rubbish which I didn't even bother watching till the end. Lousy.

I'd heard such good reviews and when I finally got to watch it I knew why it was loved by all. Sultan is a great movie. I used to watch wrestling when I was young with my brother but I've had zero interest in it since at least a decade. Even then, this movie about an Indian wrestler was so awesome to watch. Salman Khan does a fantabulous job and every bit of this movie, from its story to the way it unfolded on screen, was so good that I even forgot how much Anushka Sharma annoys me!

Now this is what you call a movie that creeps you out. It was pretty disturbing. Just seeing the girl's face and the way she was contorting was enough for me. I had trouble going to the bathroom that night and let me tell you ... coincidentally I woke up that night around twenty minutes before three because of some random disturbance in my sleep and when I checked the time you can only imagine how horrified I must have been! This was a good movie ... I just didn't watch the part where she was eating bugs and stuff ... not for someone with a weak stomach like me!

WONDERFUL! FANTASTIC! AWESOME! GRAND! This was such a great sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean - I enjoyed throughout! It was a treat to see Captain Jack Sparrow again. This movie made me laugh and feel the rush of excitement. I watched it with Abbie while on a road trip and my excitement was contained inside the car with much difficulty! LOVED IT!

PATHETIC! This is anything but scary ... that sandman was crap. The entire movie had a dead feel to it, and not the nice scary movie kind of dead feel. I didn't bother watching beyond the first introduction of that lame sandman.

If Sandman was lame this was lamer. This one was so pathetic I think I must have given up after ten or so minutes. Absolute fail.

BRILLIANCE! This movie was everything nice. Emotions, action, excitement, suspense. Beautiful story, excellent cast, awesome acting! I cried so bad. So so bad! This is that positive feel good movie you must absolutely watch. I'd say it wasn't the kind of movie you would repeatedly watch because it's all about that suspense of what's going to happen. Brilliant! Just brilliant!

This isn't usually my kind of genre but I actually enjoyed the movie. It was too much blood and fight for me but I still enjoyed myself. Johnny Depp is obviously lovely so there was definitely bias involved. Regardless of the guy though it was really interesting to watch.

Second and Hundredth Time Watches

Not the whole thing but Abbie and I caught a little bit of this classic on television during 2017.

I found this on my flight's TV and I couldn't resist watching it again. It brought back my childhood and was a lovely refresher right before seeing the movie adaptation. I could then point out what was nice or not in the movie too. This still remains my favorite Disney cartoon!

I watched this one for the second time in my life. Surprisingly I'd forgotten almost all of it so it was like watching a new movie (sort of). I don't know why people think it's a flop. I actually like it for all the emotion and SRK!

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