Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My Year 2017 In Books Straight From Goodreads

I've said this countless times, yet I'll say it again ... buying a Kindle Paperwhite was one of the best decisions of my life. Honestly, it is one of the greatest presents I've gifted myself. Basically with the Kindle I've gifted myself my love of reading - something the cruel hecticness of the world had snatched away from my life. I've been reading again and it feels lovely to get lost in a book.

In 2017 I took up the Goodreads Reading Challenge again, promising to read at least five books, and I succeeded! The past year I finished The Mortal Instruments Series and later discovered a new author, Isabel Wolff, when I read The Making of Minty Malone. I also reunited with an old classic - Wuthering Heights - and it brought back a tonne of memories from reading when in middle school. I also started reading my Harry Potter books all over again and, like always, they make me feel so much at home! So here's a review of my year in books taken straight from Goodreads' website. I love their end of year summary so much!

Find and view a direct link to this cool summary on the Goodreads website right here!
Find and join me on Goodreads by clicking HERE!
I'm fairly new to the site too and would love to find reading buddies!

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