Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 2018's Lovely Planner Collage and DIY Calendar

Ever since I've started creating monthly collages in my planner I've been so excited at the start of every new month. It gives me a chance of adding a little bit more color and awesomeness to my life. If you know me well, you know I can never miss any chance of making my world brighter and more colorful. This past month, the world was all pinks and hearts wherever I looked so I took inspiration and put together a lovely little collage for February. This month my collage was all about love, girliness, and hearts. Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking. V Day right? Nope! I don't do Valentine's or anything but I did celebrate love and let me show you how.

The lovely collage this month featured stuff I loved. Hearts, pinks, sparkles, cookies, baking, and girliness! I found the heart shaped cookie decorating in a magazine as a DIY project. I love the cookie stamps and plan on buying me some of those very soon. Mental note to add it to my wish list! The bottom right has a Sally Hansen nail polish bottle and sparkles - absolute love! The bottom left was a picture of a little trinkets' tray I found in a magazine. I loved that it said, 'Do what you love' which is exactly what I did this month. I got to bake to my heart's content and blogged and even did some creative stuff other than the usual (like trying coloring for peace of mind for a change ... more on that later!). So February was officially about doing what I loved!

February wasn't just about doing what I loved but also loving myself. Yeah yeah, everybody knows how I am all about self love. But when the world can pick a day to express love even though they do it year round, I can pick a month to highlight love for myself too, even though I love myself more and more everyday. "Yes, I love myself dearly and will continue to do so until my last breath. Come to think of it ... if I won't love myself, why would anyone else?"

On my blog's planning page I stuck these adorable red and pink heart shaped lollipops. They looked so cute and so girly! Just how I like it!

This month I finally got around to designing a DIY calendar for my planner. I'd been wanting to since AGES and finally I dragged my bum to the printer and got things done. It's a simple start and next month I might just make it more colorful .. lets see! But I love it so much! It's totally open for customizing so I can pretty much do anything I want according to what all is happening in my life that month.

I colored the 'February' caption! Yayyy!

I've added a little quote flap to my calendar. Under the flap I write out some important notes and dates and on it I am going to write a quote of my choice each month. This month it was all about self love again, "Believe in yourself so strongly that the world can't help but believe in you too." It's such a beautiful quote. I think believing in yourself is the key to all happiness and I intend to fully follow this saying!

So the month of February was all about love. Not the Valentines Day kind of gifts-cards-chocolates-sharing kind of love, but a stronger and more fierce kind of self love. A love so pure the world can't handle it. A love so awesome it brightens up the world! I love myself and so should everybody else!


  1. I LOVE this idea! It's so creative and decorated so well :) I've just got my journal mojo back, so hopefully I can keep it up! :) Tania Michele xx


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