Saturday, February 10, 2018

Graphics To Love!

In case one wonders what these 'Graphics To Love' are all about!
Each month I post about five Graphics which I come across while randomly surfing the web. Beautiful, hilarious, and relatable things show up in my social media feeds every day. Often, a lot of these graphics spark thoughts in my head which I want to blog about. So I put some of the best ones together in one blog post and chit chat away! None of the graphics are mine and most of them are being shared without credit so they can't even be traced! I just like to spend a few minutes speaking my mind. So here they are ...

You know what this brings to my mind? Blogging. Starting a blog was the first tiny little step and then bit by bit it has only been one of the most amazing journeys of my life. First it was all about improving the look of my blog step by step. Then it became all about perfecting the content. Slowly, I've worked on my blog every single day and today this beautiful site looks back at me. It makes me happy! My blog is my happy place online. Years ago, I'd asked myself if I should start a blog, and thank God I took that step back then because I've loved every single day of blogging!

Stay there folks. Enjoy yourselves. See ya never! Toodles!
There's a whole sea of people crowding up behind mine by the way.

Actually I would have gone invisible; I'd have vanished. Like, just, POOF! Oh, and my vanishing act would have happened more than a decade ago! *laughs*

It is an extra ordinary feeling to bake a cake, especially for someone who you know will appreciate it. To be in control, to be measuring out everything to perfection, to watching the magic happen inside the oven, to designing the look of it, and then executing it even more beautifully than you'd planned or imagined. It's just such a great feeling! The wonderfulness of baking befuddles me and whenever I bake a cake I totally lose track of time. By the time I'm finished with it and step back to admire my work the day has passed without me noticing it! Sadly, I still haven't had a chance to bake this year so far but hopefully soon. It shall be awesome and I can't wait to do it!

Lately, I've been so happy with myself. I still need to tone and shape up but I'm actually taking it easy and am very happy about how I'm doing it. The most annoying part is that since a while now I've been becoming thinner so that my clothes are now looser and I'm a jean size down too, but the numbers on the weighing scale haven't been moving. That's frustrating! So I'm instead enjoying looking thinner and trying my best to not care about the numbers. I've also noticed that since a while now I am not aiming to be super thin. I think I'd like to have some chubbiness to me, especially on my face. I think I like it like that! I think I'm loving my curves just the way they are! *laughs* Honestly, women seriously need to stop obsessing about being curvy. It's a body type - it's okay! In fact, if you ask me, I think it is better than looking like a skeleton! So now, all I want is a healthy weight and for me to look and feel beautiful!

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