Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Meet My Mugs! They're Gorgeous!

Chai. It's wonder in a cup. It's the elixir of life! I'm someone who wakes up with the thought of Chai on her mind, someone whose day does not begin unless the magical potion has slid down my throat, who dreams of an afternoon spent with some piping hot Chai in her hands. So, obviously, to me my collection of mugs is very near and dear to my heart. I pick and choose my mugs with great consideration. They have to be functional, beautiful, and completely reflective of my personality. My collection keeps losing and adding members, of course, but each mug has a personality of its own. Currently, my collection boasts five extremely gorjabulous mugs and today I'm showing off all!

In a world full of muffins, be a cupcake!
If I had a motto of life displayed as a caption above my head I think this would be it! In a world full of muffins, be a cupcake! Always be covered in a colorful wrapper and frosted to perfection with a fancy swirl of sweetness. Sprinkles and fancy shmancy is a must in life. That's how I like to live and try my best to! Mama got this beautiful mug for me and I don't just love the quote on it, I also absolutely love the colors. The teal-turquoise-ish is stunning and the pink insides make everything pop! Just the way I like it - cute, bright, and happy!

Live every moment!
This one is currently the senior most member of my collection. It's been with me the longest and remains super close to my heart. Live every moment! That's definitely something I am always busy doing. Life is too short, it really is. So I like to live every moment to the max. Every second is precious and this mug is a great reminder of it!

Donut worry, be happy!
One fine day, mama and Abbie came back home with this mug and that's when our love story began. Mine and the mug's that is. I had a pretty graphic on my mood/inspiration board back at the time which said, "Donut worry, be happy!" I also am always saying how much I do NOT care whenever something challenging comes up. Mama remembered it. She told me she'd seen the graphic on my board and the instant the mug came before her she bought it for me. I love it! The picture doesn't show too well but that adorable donut actually protrudes from the mug's body. I swear it is alive and wiggles from time to time. Hey, a girl can imagine! I love how the rim says, "I donut care." So true!

'Tis the season to sparkle!
I'm all about that 'shining, shimmering, splendid' Aladdin sang about. My life's all about that sparkle and this mug, therefore, is perfect for me. It is the newest member of my mugs' collection and was a Winter find. This mug is just too cozy. Maybe because I bought it in an extremely chilly Winter season, but to me this mug is just all about warmth and comfort. I love the round-ish shape; I think it makes it look really adorable. It has just the right bit of gold shine and that bold declaration of sparkle right on its front. Love it! For me 'tis always the season to sparkle and this mug says it just right.

Polka dots and sass!
"It's a tumbler, how will I use a tumbler?" "It'll go waste, let it be." "How I wish it was a mug in the same design!" ... Yaada yaada yaada! On and on and on I went whenever I spotted a tumbler I really liked. I always wished for it to have a handle and be a mug, until one day when I gave in. This stunning polka dotted beauty just stole my heart. Somebody gifted Abbie the 'A' version one day and that was it. I needed one for myself. So I went and got one with a royal S shining on its front. It came with a hot pink lid which I don't use at home so I've stored it away. This mug is my favorite when I really want to sit for a good long time enjoying my chai because it keeps it nice and hot for longer than the other mugs. I can't decide if I love the gold S more, or the polka dots (which I love!), or the floral design. Everything about this mug is just pure love!

... and that, my dears, is my gorgeous collection of mugs!

My idea is that if I'm so fond of my chai I should have it in style. Something that is such an integral part of my day ought to be just as stylish, bright, happy, and happening as the rest of my things. My mugs are very dear to me, almost like they were alive! I love each one so much I don't even think I can pick favorites. I have five already yet when I spot mugs in shops I can't help but go closer and check if there is something I'd like to take home. I'm curious to meet the next member of my collection. Lets see what it'll be like! Until then, I donut care. So goodbye!


  1. Ooooooooooooooooooooo! I had SO much fun reading this! Looks like the mugs are looking at me --- talking!


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