Sunday, February 4, 2018

My Heartiest Memories On Display

I love taking photographs! At times even our minds fail us and we end up forgetting the tiny little details. That is when pictures come in handy. It is my belief that pictures capture the best of times, when you're the happiest or most excited, and leave out the worse so that years down the road all you have are positive and happy memories to reminisce. I have always loved displaying my favorite pictures in my room so wherever I look I have some beautiful memories scattered all around me. The more memories in my room, the better I feel. After all, what is a room if not personalized to your liking, right? So recently, when I wished to have more pictures in my beautiful room, Abbie got me the perfect solution! The beautiful hearts' garland looks pretty and lets me show off my most favorite recent moments!

I was at home fighting my way around with a vacuum cleaner in hand (my monthly cleaning schedule!) when I received a text message from Abbie. It was a picture of a garland with pretty hearts that had clips to hold pictures and Abbie had asked, "Want?" I couldn't resist so I called her up instead of typing my reply and began asking a million questions. I am an indecisive person and everything has to be specific and perfect for me to buy it so whenever I spy a good find I ask a gazillion questions to make sure I am absolutely happy with buying it. Abbie is super skilled at giving me the best advice so I always take her opinion. A gazillion questions later, she had added it to her cart, even though I was still roaming around at home doubting my decision. Once I saw it though I had no second thoughts; it was beautiful and girly, just like I like my room to be.

I took Abbie's help in hanging it up behind my bed. Against my purple curtain backdrop the pink and red hearts look so girly and just so ... happy! I already had string lights hanging there, which I moved up a little so the hearts could fit. Together it's a melange of sparkly lights and cute hearts which come together to be an elegant yet adorable room decor!

Some of the hearts on the garland have glitter and sparkle while others are textured like painted wood in two different shades of pink. It's no secret how much I love glitter and sparkle and the color pink is just fabulous. Obviously I was to fall in love with this garland!

Currently, the beauty displays three of my most recent and most favorite picture memories. The first is a picture of my feet in Harry Potter socks alongside my Hogwarts bag and a bottle of pumpkin juice. I took this picture on my recent trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Every time I look at it I am instantly transported to my favorite place in the world. Abbie and I were seated on the floor at a street in Diagon Alley. We were enjoying ourselves to the max with an ice cream in hand, happiness in our hearts, and peace on our minds. Looking at this picture almost makes me feel that carefree atmosphere again where the only sounds other than of our happy beating hearts were the cheerful chatters of fellow Potterheads and Celestina Warbeck complaining about getting a Hippogriff as a Christmas present!

The second picture displayed right now is of the magical Disney castle! This is the moment when I first saw the castle with my eyes back when we were there on vacation. I remembered Disney from back when Dad used to take us there when I was a child. Visiting after so many years felt like revisiting my childhood. A sea of memories comes to me every time I look at this picture; memories of watching the Disney parades as a child, of watching Disney cartoon movies with my siblings back when I couldn't even understand everything on my own, memories of joy and laughter. You know the saying about pictures being worth a thousand words? This is truly a picture worth thousands of memories!

The third picture is also from our recent vacation. This one reminds me of the excitement of heading to the Wizarding World. I took this picture when we stopped over at a hotel midway in Florence to break our road trip into two manageable parts. We spent a comfortable night there and each time I look at it it gives me that same rush that I felt when I was heading towards what were to be one of my most precious moments of the entire year.

It's funny how much a single picture can do for you. Funny how many moments a simple little photograph can hold. Funny how much emotion it can have within it! It's like a magic of its own!

This garland is officially one of those things on the top of my list of favorite room decor items. I love it! It's girly but in an elegant way. It's cute but not childish. It's very beautiful! Hey, I sometimes wonder, did they know me when they were designing and making this? How could something be so perfectly aligned with my tastes!? Aaaaahhhhh! I am in love!

If I was in love with how my bed looked before, I think I am obsessed with it now! It looks so gorgeous I could sit and stare at it all day without feeling the need to blink. Girly, sassy, personal, and colorful - just the way I like it!

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