Monday, February 19, 2018

Two of My Most Favorite Lady Celebs

The world of television is full of a sea of people. Actresses of all ages, looks, and genres come and go and while some can bring awesome life to characters or be brilliant actors on screen, I end up falling in love with a rare few in real life. Very few ladies appeal to me on a personal level where I admire them for more than just their acting. Today, I'm talking about two of my most favorite lady celebs and why I love following them on social media so much. These are the two beautiful ladies Blake Lively and Hilary Duff! I've loved them for years and seen them grow up, literally. So why do I love them so much?

They've played awesome characters!
Lizzie McGuire, Sam, Terri, Olivia - you name it! Duff has played some of my most favorite characters and given some of the most classic girly movies of all time. I always loved how hopeful her movies were and how perfectly imperfect each one of her characters was. I think if I were to choose which one of Hilary's roles is my favorite I wouldn't be able to because I loved everything she did. She was the typical feel-good kind of character who'd leave you with all those positive feels. In Blake Lively's case I can actually tell you how I fell in love with her, the precise character that did it; Serena Van Der Woodsen! I loved every single bit of Serena and how perfectly Lively played the  'turning over a new leaf' character. Serena was funny, beautiful, smart, positive, and determined to do good in her life. Watching both Hilary Duff's and Blake Lively's characters made me want to believe in happy endings!

They're both stunning and aging gracefully!
Do they know magic or something? How is it that they're growing older and looking even more beautiful than ever!? It's like the two women grow prettier by the day. Especially Blake in this case. I mean, did you see her pregnancy? She STUNNED even when she had grown so big. I've seen a lot of pregnant ladies lately and trust me, some of them have been ... ungraceful (I'll try to be sweet). Lively's pregnancy was beautiful! She's effortless. Both Duff and Lively are effortlessly charming. I love them so muchhhhh!

They seem to be really good at heart!
Charming and sweet. Could they be any more perfect? I follow both these beauties on Instagram and they are a treat for my feed, honestly! It's not just their looks but their hearts too. They both have such good thoughts about the world. Lively has spoken about crucial issues like child pornography and Duff has worked with philanthropic causes aimed for kids and animals and what not. They actually care and they're actually so kind. Oh and their 'mother' mode is just so cute! Their social feeds show how much they love their children and what an awesomely close relationship they have. Beautiful women with beautiful hearts! Is that a tear in my eye?

They have a kick ass attitude towards living!
They are so not the typical stuck up perfect faces which celebs can sometimes be. They both have a super lovely, lively, kick ass attitude towards living life. They follow their hearts and take crazy decisions and try whatever they think they would like to try. Lively's posts on Insta about eating donuts always lifts up my mood too! Hahaha!

These women are far from perfect and you can see that, yet they are just so perfect!
Hilary and Blake, I love you! I hope they always stay the same; charming, beautiful, and relatable!

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