Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Graphics To Love!

In case one wonders what these 'Graphics To Love' are all about!
Each month I post about five Graphics which I come across while randomly surfing the web. Beautiful, hilarious, and relatable things show up in my social media feeds every day. Often, a lot of these graphics spark thoughts in my head which I want to blog about. So I put some of the best ones together in one blog post and chit chat away! None of the graphics are mine and most of them are being shared without credit so they can't even be traced! I just like to spend a few minutes speaking my mind. So here they are ...

Can you believe it, I have actually built a rainbow wall of happiness around myself? I force myself to keep it up and steady. Not even kidding! I deliberately make sure negativity stays out of it. Sure, there are those crevices where it still escapes from and enters my happy state but at least it stays at a forced minimum. It works!

I think we're super heroes most of the times. The world is tougher for females, undoubtedly. We're bullied for the worse kind of beauty standards and that too by fellow girls (which is the worst part, if you ask me). We have struggles within ourselves over so many things. We have to face the worse kind of cultural pressures. We face stereotypes and what not. Yet, we live through it all. Some of us rise above it and live brilliantly while others make their way skidding through the challenges. But we survive and we're super heroes indeed!

Just once.
So why not live with style, sass, and dignity?
I'm living my best life and I love it!

Those who don't understand Urdu language, this is a song from a Bollywood movie which I can't possibly try and translate! I just know this is hilarious beyond control! *laughs*

Severe caution is advised! Also, severe caution advised to anybody who tries to disrupt my happy reading state. I might not be able to forgive you for the disturbance caused to my 'unusual peace of mind' moment. Be forewarned!

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