Friday, March 16, 2018

The Wacky Finds Series ~ Volume 35

It's time for Volume 35 of The Wacky Finds Series!
These are a monthly series I started out of sheer awe of how crazy things around me are! Here's what this is about ... Ahem Ahem: When my awesome self steps out of my bed each morning I meet a world of crazies. People, things, phenomena, and acts of nature which are simply too unusual to miss and not record! The Wacky Finds Series will cover all the weird stuff that I find along my way; good weird, awkward weird, bad weird, I-totally-don't-get-this weird .. all kinds of weird shall be recorded and snapped without any discrimination!

What its that? You must be trying to find some kind of explanation. Let me tell you and make it easy. It's fondant! That's what it looks like during the process of marbling two shades. Looks pretty wacky, doesn't it? I love marbling fondant. It's just so magical. You keep working on it and it keeps changing right in front of your eyes. The more you do it the more detailed your marbling becomes. Magic!

The people of my house seriously need to go back to elementary school and then re-learn all their basic manners. Actually I don't think that will help either. Adults in my house don't act like adults. First I'd found an underwear in the vacuum's bag, then pulled out a tube of glue from another vacuum's pipe, and now I keep pulling out things from my washer and dryer. This time when I unloaded the washer I saw something in there which looked icky. So I called Abbie for help. She took it out using a tong and then was trying to justify that it was a piece from a plastic bag. I took it from her, looked at it, and didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or be mad. It was the completely washed out tag from a Harry Potter shirt or pajama. Definitely Abbie's doing! Look close, the Harry Potter logo is visible! Even our washer is a fan.

This one made me laugh for DAYS because he wore the same outfit for at least two episodes and then I took a picture and laughed at it for at least two more. WHY did he wear that? Oh and I wouldn't have laughed so hard if he had just been wearing the waistcoat. WHY did he have to wear the same awful stripes for pants too? He looked like a teletubby! Hahahaha!

You're staring at a Desi family's trolley at the desi store. It is full of Paapay (rusks) which we are absolutely addicted to. We have them dipped in our chai every morning without which our day feels incomplete. Sadly they went extinct recently and we panicked like mad. So when they were finally back in stock we got an entire carton full! SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ... in case they run out again.

I saved the best for last. That's mum's sunny side egg. We wake up every morning and I make this for her so she can have her medicine at seven. If you're wondering why it's lying in the sink let me explain. Abbie sprinkles a dash of salt on the egg when I'm done cooking it. One morning I placed the egg in mama's plate and Abbie accidentally sprinkled a little too much salt on it. So she was blowing away a bit of the salt in the sink and to do so she tilted the plate and swoosh .. pchooks. That's what I heard. She dropped the egg in the sink. I spent the next twenty minutes laughing and controlling my laughter. She kept sulking and feeling horrible. Pchooks ... hilarious!

That's all folks! Until the next five wacky finds, have a wacky day!


  1. Looks like an interesting set of finds here! I've done that tag in the washer sooo many times - oops!! :) Tania Michele xx


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