Sunday, March 25, 2018

Wrist Problems - Uh Oh!

"OUCH!" said I as my chiropractor pressed on my wrist. "Oh, this looks really bad, Sara!" she exclaimed. I knew then that I was doomed. Something's been up with my wrist; when I press down on it it has a sharp pain all around it. It's been happening since around December but it was worse before compared to now. Back in December I was even having trouble picking up heavy things but after a couple visits to the chiro at least that got better. However, my wrist is still not okay. The sharp pain is still there and my doctor thinks it's something like the tennis elbow but in the wrist. She says the tiny bones in my wrist are supposed to move against each other freely, which they aren't. She also thinks there's some really bad muscle spasm going on throughout my arm which is preventing my wrist from responding to her treatment. So as of now, she has suggested I give my wrist complete rest.

She wants me to not pick up heavy stuff, no exercising with dumbbells, no vacuuming or dusting, and nothing that makes my wrist move too vigorously. Basically, she wants me to do nothing with my right hand. I've spent a few days resting my arm and I'm frustrated. I'm a right handed person and my broken right wrist basically did everything for me. Now that I can't use it I'm basically left hopeless. I can't cook, I can't clean up the house (while everybody else can still mess it up), and I can't pick up anything with my right arm. It's annoying! Very annoying!

My chiropractor is giving me laser treatment since a couple days. She's hopeful that it will ease the muscular spasms in my arm so that my wrist can get better too. I'm slightly nervous because I have no idea how I'll respond to the laser and also because I'm super scared what will happen if laser doesn't fix it either. I hate going to doctors and getting stuck with all of that kind of doctor-ish stuff so I really am praying and hoping that my arm responds to her laser treatment! I'm also super worried about missing out on some really important things that are happening right now. Most important is my new baby niece's arrival for which I had planned a great baking project. Then Dad will visit soon and I'd been planning out a grand menu for him because I really want to cook for him. Lastly, the April A to Z Challenge begins soon and I don't want to lose out on that! So much to do and definitely not the right time for my arm to be hurting. Ughhhh!

On the brighter side though, I had some fun with my wrist problems and tweeted to Twitter's Professor Lockhart asking for help. Check out his response, I died laughing ...

I really do hope I get well soon! Wish me luck! 

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