Monday, April 9, 2018

Home Sweet Home! The New Home Cupcakes Collection

When a friend of mine moved to a brand new beautiful house I baked for her some beautiful cupcakes to match. Is there a more perfect way to celebrate the joyous occasion of having a new home than to devour delicious cupcakes? I think not! She invited me over to her new place and I immediately designed a cupcake collection to surprise her with! The New Home cupcakes turned out STUNNING! Now, consider how awesome a friend I am!
*nods her head*

Aren't they beautiful? I was in love with them once I was done decorating them. They looked so so so very pretty! Especially the one with the house on it (bottom right side). I think that one was my absolute favorite! But then, I do love marbled fondant, and tufted designs melt my heart too, and then the one that said 'New Home' was so beautiful too! Errrrr ... I think I can't pick favorites! *laughs* Alright then, time for some beautiful close ups!

Let me start with the main spotlight cupcake, the New Home cupcake! This was a beautiful bold statement in my cupcake collection and one of my favorites. I wanted it to be a big deal and the new home announcement to take center stage somehow in my cupcake box so I decided to spell it out and have it THERE there in my cupcakes. I loved how bold it looked and how beautiful it combined with the rest of the cupcakes.

If you look close enough you'll see that this cupcake GLITTERS! I glittered up all of the cupcakes in this collection because I wanted them to be extra sparkly and look stunning to the max. For this pretty little thing I embossed black fondant with some swirly patterns and then added the caption 'New Home' in white. The white looked so beautiful against the black background. Next I made red flowers, studded their centers with gold pearls, and added them over the swirls. They looked like they were beautiful vines with flowers on them. Beautiful! Finally, I dusted the entire cupcake with lots and lots of glitter. It was so pretty I will not exaggerate ... I swear I had tears in my eyes when it was done! So pretty! I made it. I made something so pretty!

I look at this cupcake and think, "Wow, I've come such a long way!" Seriously, my first cupcakes were ... well, not so professional. Now, look at this. A cupcake with a handmade professional looking fondant topper made entirely by the one and only awesome ME. *laughs* I was particularly excited about this cupcake. If my friend was proud of her new house and its decor, I was even prouder of my little fondant house. I mean ... LOOK at how adorable and perfect it is!

Check the detailed rooftop out. I did every little bit of this by hand. The two hearts were a super cute touch too, don't you think? The whole adorable little house was placed on a red patterned circle of fondant so it would stand out even more against the color. Did you notice the chimney thingy too? And the glitter and sparkle? How adorable could it beeeeee?! Hello everyone, welcome to Number Two, Adorable Drive, Cutesville. Haahaaaaaa! Is it possible to be in love with a cupcake topper?

Next is my all time loved marbled fondant cupcake. My friend decorated her house in shades of grey so I decided to marble white and black fondant to match her decor!

Each one of the marbled fondant toppers are unique and it is their uniqueness which makes them so magical. A beautifully detailed flower topper, studded with gold pearls, over the marbled fondant completed this beautiful cupcake! The flowers were dusted with glitter so they'd match the rest of the sparkling cupcakes. So simple, so elegant, so beautiful!

The New Home Cupcakes Collection also included these tufted cupcakes. Although the pictures don't show properly, they both were dusted with glitter so they shined and shimmered in the most fab fashion! I did white and red tufted fondant and embellished them with red, gold, and white pearls.

Another beautiful shot of the marbled cupcakes!

As always, whenever I do fondant cupcakes I add an equal number of buttercream cupcakes. Because no matter what, buttercream is always a must! So my adorable buttercream cupcakes were part of the fabulousness too. For these I designed floral toppers made from marbled fondant. I added pearls to their centers and dusted them with glitter. They were perfect!

Look at how beautiful the flowers were! I also sprinkled the buttercream swirls with red and gold sugar crystals. The cupcakes looked awesome!

Check out the glitter! So pretty! And the sugar crystals made this whole cupcake look studded like jewelry! Super gorgeous!

My friend LOVED her cupcakes! And I loved seeing that look on her face. Baking for loved ones is so satisfactory! I think the New Home Cupcake Collection turned out stunning! Extra points to me for the fondant house with the chimney. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!

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