Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Overloaded Cookie Funfetti Blondies

WARNING: Insanely delicious pictures ahead including killer closeups and zooms which may cause serious drooling sensations and uncontrollable urges to bite your screens.

Ladies and gentlemen. Today I present to you what I believe is the most delicious treat I've baked so far in all these years of my baking obsession. This is it. This is the end. This is where the deliciousness ranking scale cracks and goes crazy. Because this is deliciousness extreme! This is what could drive you mad. This, my lovely people, are the COOKIE OVERLOAD FUNFETTI BLONDIES! The blondies of your dreams. The most heavenly things I have ever put inside my mouth. The most softest, moistest, chewiest, yummiest ..... mmmmm!

I warned you! I really did mean it! Now brace yourselves for what lies ahead ...

These Cookies Overload Funfetti Blondies are unreal. They are unbelievable. They are EXTREME! It's a really thick chunk of deliciousness that is stuffed with actual whole cream sandwich cookies and chocolate chips. Then there's more cookies and more chips on top to create something so irresistible you'd actually be hypnotized when in their company. They don't let you think straight because they go through the mouth and numb your brains. Your senses can only sense the unbelievable that's in your mouth. They make you feel weak at the knees until you sit down to support yourself to be able to deal with the intensity of what's in your mouth. THESE BLONDIES ARE CRAZY!

Baking up a batch of these insane blondies is a treat in itself. There's something artistic about it. I first make a batter for the blondies which is loaded with chocolate chips and vibrant super colorful sprinkles. Next I spread a layer of the batter in my pan and then add actual whole full delicious chocolate cream sandwich cookies on top. They go in a neat layer followed by the rest of the batter on top until they're completely sandwiched inside. Finally, I break down chunks of the cookies to add on top and another sprinkle of sprinkles to attain perfection. Then I put it in the oven, wait rather impatiently, and pull out the most delicious thing I've EVER tasted in all my life so far!

Every little bit of these blondies is just beyond perfection. The Funfetti makes it a delightful sight with the perfect pop of color. The chunks of cookies and the whole cookies inside make them irresistible. The chewy-ness of these blondies is beyond control. It's like eating cookie dough but it's not cookie dough but it's cookie dough but it's not cookie dough. But then, IT IS SO DARN DELICIOUS I THINK I'M GONNA DIE!

Please look at that. No, keep looking for a while. Keep staring and you'll be hypnotized. These blondies, I swear, have magical powers. They control you. They take you in completely. You cross over to their side. You just can't resist them. They leave you ravenous and craving for more and more and more and more and more ...

Look at the chewy bit. The slightly, ever so delicately crunchy top layer. Your teeth break through the cookie chunks and sprinkled up top layer and then sink through that dense chunk of deliciousness. While you're sinking you get the giant bites of cookies which become strangely more moist and sweeter once baked in between these blondies. You get the chocolate chips and the sprinkles. You keep sinking. Chewing. Sinking. Chewing. Sinking ... The blondies consume you. It's magic!

And I'll issue no apologies at all for the level of cravings I may have caused after this post and these pictures. Not sorry at all. Just, please ... I MUST GET THESE BLONDIES IN THE OVEN AGAIN! MUST EAT THEM AGAIN ..... K, bye.

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  1. BUAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA Yes, they did control me and I wasn't thinking straight when I was eating them! These need to be redone! Ramzan coming!

  2. I love baking with cookies and candy. These funfetti blondies look so yummy. Weekends In Maine


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