Friday, April 20, 2018

Raking The Fall Foliage Cupcakes

Autumn is my favorite season of all. I love everything about it from that crispness in the air, the teasing chilly atmosphere, and the beautifully changing colors all around me. Fall truly is the time when the earth sheds everything old and dull off and decides to turn over a new leaf. Pun intended! So once upon a start of Fall I decided to make some beautiful cupcakes to celebrate the beauty of the season!

When I made these Fall Foliage cupcakes I did so entirely because I had frosting leftover from another baking project. I didn't want to waste it so I decided to have some fun. I baked delicious chocolate cupcakes and then thought about how to decorate them. At that time the only thing on my mind was the beautiful season of Fall so that's what I ended up doing! Don't they look beautiful, just like Autumn!

I wanted these cupcakes to be as Autumn like as possible. I wanted them to instantly shout Fall! Even the cupcake liners I used were Fall themed. They were white liners with Fall colored leaves all over them. They went wonderfully with my theme!

My Fall Foliage cupcakes were a super simple presentation with a grand wow. I added fondant leaves on top of beautifully piped perfect swirls of burning orange colored buttercream and then sprinkled some Fall-ish sprinkles on top. They captured the essence of Fall so well! The colors were perfect.

Each year when Fall arrives I'm fascinated and left speechless at the varieties of colors that I see. The time before sunset, when the sun is shining over the leaves one last time before day changes to night is a particularly stunning time. The sun shines on the color changing leaves such that it seems like the trees are burning orange. It was that orange which I captured with my buttercream swirls and those color changing leaves which I added on top of them. Let me show off the color changing fondant leaves ...

See how stunning the leaf atop this cupcake looks? Just like it is during Fall!

The beautiful bit is that years ago I'd picked up a leaf while walking on campus back in my college days. It had looked exactly like this one above. I had stared at it in awe because it was green on top and a bright bright fiery red towards the bottom! Beautiful!

Check out the detailing! Look at the veins of the leaves. Everything was just perfect!

Here's another stunning one!

TOO PRETTY! I just can't stop staring at them all! To make the leaves I marbled red, green, and yellow fondant together. This time I did an extremely intricate marble effect because the leaves were to be small and I wanted the colors to look like they were actual real leaves transitioning from lush green to the colors of Fall! Once I'd marbled the fondant I cut out the leaves and they looked brilliant! Finally first I sprinkled the buttercream swirls with some Fall colored and leaf shaped sprinkles and then added the leaves' toppers on top.

I just knew once I was done decorating these cupcakes that I had to take them outside for a photo shoot. I took a couple outside and then snapped them against the color changing leaves in my backyard. They looked perfect!

They truly depicted Fall just the way I'd imagined them to and once I took them outside they perfectly blended with the real trees in the background. Don't they look absolutely stunning?

These cupcakes were the perfect way to bring in Fall - the favorite and most happening seasoning for my family. The cupcakes were so delicious too! The chocolate sponge was fluffy and moist and to-die-for and the sweet vanilla buttercream was just out-of-the-world mind blowing! This was such a simple affair yet such a stunning one! Look at them. They're so seasonal I almost feel like it's Fall again! *sighs* Oh dear Autumn, please come soon so I can bake more Fall Foliage cupcakes!

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  1. These cupcakes take my breath away, Sara. They are beautiful. Those fondant leaves are striking, too. Some day you need to do a tutorial on how you make such wonderful fondant decorations.

    1. Ooooh that would be cool to do! Thanks for the idea :D


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