Monday, April 23, 2018

Tasty Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookies

Anything. I repeat. ANYTHING is awesome if you dip it in chocolate! Just like these cookies!

Sugar cookies are in themselves a treat. They're simple yet packed with such a grand punch of flavor. So once upon a time, when I was baking sugar cookies, I decided to step up their game and dip them in chocolate! A delicious layer of sweet chocolate candy coating would just be perfect, I thought. And of course with a baby niece running around my baking station I just had to shower some sprinkles over the cookies. She loves sprinkles! So I love the look on her face when I add sprinkles to anything! These cookies were entirely dedicated to my baby niece Gubby! *insert kisses here*

I added these delicious chocolate dipped sugar cookies to the Ramadan favors box we gave out back in 2016 too and they were a hit! Everybody loved them! They were actually quite addictive, if you ask me. We were having trouble staying away from them such that there was a risk of running out before all those favor boxes were filled up! *laughs*

I thoroughly enjoyed the making of these cookies. It was oddly satisfying. I baked up a batch of fresh vanilla sugar cookies first. Once they were completely cooled (and we'd eaten a couple!) I melted some chocolate candy and then enjoyed myself to the max dipping them sort of halfway in. I placed the cookies on a cookie sheet so the chocolate would set but before that could happen I showered a good bit of sprinkles over them all. It was such great fun making them!

See how adorable they looked?

The cookies were soft with the perfect little bite to them. The chocolate was delicious and rich. The sprinkles were super cute and looked so pretty. I was in love with how pretty these cookies turned out! They were so appealing, they were calling out to us. "Pick me, pick me!" I heard that. At least I thought I did. *laughs

Gubby LOVED these cookies so much. They were everything she loved! She loves my vanilla sugar cookies, she is a super fan of chocolate, and she smiles extra wide and bright at the sight of sprinkles. If you ask me, the satisfaction I felt seeing her devour my cookies was far greater than how I felt when the compliments poured in from people whom we'd sent out the favors to. Everyone said they loved the cookies, some of my friends even asked for more! My baby doll however loved them the most. She was ecstatic to see them and everyday when it would be cookie time her face would light up! Adorable cookies for my most adorable little Gubbster! *heart melting* BRB, gotta go get a hold of my melting heart!

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