Monday, April 16, 2018

The New Moon Sugar Cookies - Beautiful Blue

Abbie and I always put together a beautiful and super yummy Ramadan treat box every year for our loved ones and close friends. Back in 2016 our super colorful Ramadan favors box featured my world famous (ahem ahem) New Moon Sugar Cookies in beautiful blue! If you've been a fan of my baking and have followed my blog previously you'll know that each year my New Moon sugar cookies change colors according to the theme of our favors boxes. So in 2016 I went with a beautiful blue and they looked just so elegant and adorable at the same time!

Don't they look just so pretty!? The New Moon sugar cookies are a symbol of celebrating the sighting of the new moon which marks the beginning of Ramadan. They're the perfect way to wish a happy Ramadan to everybody. The previous year, in 2015, Abbie had requested I keep the New Moons white and glittery. In 2016 Abbie designed some new greetings, labels, and graphics and we thought blue went perfectly with it so we went with blue. Blue actually made the cookies look very magical, I thought. They looked very cute too!

That's a pretty close up to see the detailing of this cookie. I baked up a fresh batch of sugar cookies which were soooo good. Absolutely delicious! They tasted of sweet vanilla, smelled heavenly, and their texture was irresistible. Then I embossed some swirly designs on blue fondant. Next, I added a quilt effect and finally, embellished them with gold pearls. It was perfection!

Each little bit of detailing you see on the cookie has been done by hand! I worked on each individual cookie with lots of love and effort and look how pretty they turned out! Every single one of those cookies was a work of art!

Our Ramadan favors box for 2016 was a super colorful one and right on the very top of it, above the rest of the delicious goodies, went the beautiful New Moon sugar cookie. It was the highlight and main feature of the favor box which everybody would see first and foremost as soon as they unboxed their favors! It was the perfect punch of WOW in the face! *laughs*

See how beautiful it looked up and center in that super adorable box? What a way to send greetings!

I thought the New Moons looked even more beautiful this year than their original white designs! Everybody loved them so much! I got lots of awesome comments about the designs and the gorgeousness of the cookies and of course the delicious taste! They were such a success, just like they'd been the previous year! Woohoo! I was so ecstatic! So satisfied! SO HAPPYYYYYY!

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