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The Paw Patrol Cake ~ No Job Is Too Big, No Pup Is Too Small!

No party's too big! No auntie's too small! And Abbie and I have got to be the coolest aunties in the world! We love our darling niece Gubby so so so much, it can't even be put into words. It can be put into awesomely planned birthday parties though, like this Paw Patrol themed birthday party!

The Paw Patrol Cake - one of the most adorable cakes I've made in my seven years of cake decorating so far! I made this darling for my niece Gubby when she celebrated her third birthday. The kid and I had recently become fans of the Paw Patrol and each night we'd cuddle up together in front of the tv to watch the cartoon. We'd sing the song and cheer the pups until the day was saved and the episode finished. This was actually Gubby's first actual cartoon interest too! Plus I loved it just as much as she did. So when her third birthday came upon us of course we decided we'd be doing a Paw Patrol theme. It was just perfect. Abbie and I put together an adorable theme and created a mini version of Adventure Bay for our Gubby and this cake was the showstopper!

Are you looking at this absolutely adorable cake? I poured my heart and soul into this cake in true meaning. This cake took me three days to make and many more weeks to plan. I wanted the cake to convey Adventure Bay, almost like you were watching the cartoon itself. With that vision in mind I designed this cake and then brought it to life. The colors were stunning and the cake looked so real! When I was done with everything and I stepped back to admire my cake I swear it looked like the Paw Patrol pups would start moving any second right before my eyes. SO REAL! Let me show off now!

I usually start showing off my cakes from the bottom tier but today I'll start at the top. Skye is Gubby's favorite! She loves her because she's pink and flies a plane so of course Skye had to be in the main spotlight on my cake. I designed most of the cake to look like a cloudy sky and on the very top the adorable pink Skye flew among the clouds with her jet pack on! She looked so cute! On top of the cake I also added a printed Paw Patrol logo so it was up and center and displayed like a big wow on my cake! So adorable! My clouds looked so adorable with how puffy and bright white they were against the vibrant blue sky! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

Now let me show off the bottom tier which I designed to be like level ground. In the background there were some grassy hills and in the foreground I created a mini Adventure Bay scene. I featured Marshall and Rubble on each side of a road. This looked super cute and super real! There was grass, flowers, a road, and traffic cones. And you know what? EVERYTHING was made by hand all by myself, except the pups, which were toys as birthday presents for my darling Gubby!

Check out the traffic cones. I am so so so proud of my traffic cones. I made them out of fondant from start to finish and they looked so cute and so perfect. I confess: I couldn't believe I had actually made them myself. They were soooooooooo perfect! Oh and did I tell you I love Rubble? I love him the most, he's my favorite pup from the Paw Patrol! He's so cute!

And Marshall sat on the other side of the road with another one of my most awesome traffic cones!

I was also very proud of my fondant road! For the road I first colored my fondant grey and then added white rounded stripe thingies in the center. I kept these rounded on purpose because rounded edges gave it a much more cuter and kiddish look. Also note the little detailing I added with the grass and the tiny flower shaped sprinkles. Everything came together as such a super duper cute cake!

It was STUNNINGLY, ADORABLY, BEAUTIFUL! It was the cutest cake I'd ever made. I loved every little bit of it from the puffy clouds to the traffic cones, the road, the grass, the tiny flowers, the logo, the pup toys. EVERYTHING!!! I was in love with this cake and I still am to this day. I love this cake as it is one of my finest works of art thus far!

I wish I could replay Gubby's reaction to this cake again and again in my head 24/7. She loved it! She gets shy when it's time to cut the cake so she threw a little shy tantrum once we revealed the big surprise but once she was settled down she started checking everything out and LOVED it. I asked her what she thought of the cake and she said, "Beeyaaaaa, you made me a Paw Patrol cake!" Priceless. Most precious ... memories I shall cherish all my life. I can never forget the look on her face, of surprise that a cake could look like that, of happiness that this was for her, of love for her Beeya who'd made the adorable cake for her. I just can never forget! Because I was the one who calmed down her shy tantrum it so happened that I was the one she cut this cake with too. How perfect it was to be the one whom she cut this cake with. I had tears in my eyes. We blew the candles, which we'd added to Abbie's Paw Patrol cupcakes and then sang Paw Patrol's theme song as Gubby and I cut the cake. It was a feeling beyond words! But wait ... THERE WAS ANOTHER LITTLE SURPRISE HIDDEN INSIDE THE CAKE!

BAM! Colorful insides! "Beeya! Look inside the cake!" That's what Gubby said. I laughed!

The cake was just as cute and adorable inside as it was outside. I'd baked up a funfetti sponge so it would have popping colors all over and then piped pink and blue buttercream inside so it looked like stripes once it was cut into. The pink and blue sort of highlighted Skye even more because it matched with the outside of the cake. 

It was super pretty inside and out!

Notice how I got the colors spot on! The cake pieces blended with the Paw Patrol themed plates as if they were one. For some of the fondant I had actually had to create color shades by mixing two different colors and in the end seeing this kind of perfection made me feel so proud of myself!

The cake's pieces looked beautiful once cut into! Oh and they were SO yummy! This cake was a true masterpiece. One of my finest works! It was a piece of art! Gubby loved it. Everybody loved it. I loved it and I am so so so so very proud of this cake!

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