Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Unicorn Blue Pinwheel Cookies

There were unicorns all around me. Everywhere I looked people were baking up unicorn themed goodies. All of my social media feeds were full of beautiful unicorn creations and then Starbucks launched their Unicorn drink which took the world by storm. I just knew I had to jump on to the trending craze too somehow and that's how these Unicorn Blue Pinwheel Cookies happened!

They were magical! They had this crazy whimsical look about them which screamed magic and mystery. I think these cookies had special powers. Powers that called to you, dragged you to them, made you pick them up, pop them into your mouth, devour them, and then go for a second. *laughs* They were irresistible! Absolutely delicious and very pretty!

See? That's one beautiful cookie! And it was so perfectly unicorn themed I was in love with it!

My Unicorn Blue Pinwheels had two stunning details to them which exclaimed the big wow and gave them the perfect unicorn touch. The first was the blue pinwheel design and the second was the magical crystal coating! Time for some close ups!

I made the blue color as vibrant as I could. It was what made the cookies appear so magical! It wasn't a dark blue, it wasn't a light blue. It was a kind of vibrant magic shade of electric blue. Stunning! 

The crystal sugar coating around it was straight out of a fantasy. I wanted the crystal sugars to deliver a pop of color but not take away from the main blue pinwheel design. So I conjured up a mix of blue, pink, and yellow crystal sugars with a wave of my magic wand with which I coated my cookies. It was the perfect touch needed and BAM you were looking at unicorn perfection!

Making Pinwheels is an extremely fun process. It takes hours because the dough needs lots of chilling to get the shapes and curves right but it is extremely fun! My magical unicorn blue pinwheels were part of the beautiful Ramadan favors box we sent out to our loved ones in 2017. They looked so pretty along with the rest of the colorful stuff in there and were loved by all!

These cookies were magic inside out. They didn't just look magical but tasted out of the world too! It was like biting into a fantasy. A chewy soft center and the slight crunch of crystal sugar ... mmmm!

Magical. Fantastical. Delicious. Beautiful! Just some of the words I could use for these stunners. I had finally hopped on to the Unicorn train and created the most magical cookies! Woohoo!

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