Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Vibrant Red & Blue Mini Bundts

Bite sized, you said? I'm in!

Once upon a Fourth of July, I made these super vibrant red and blue mini bundt cakes. Basically, these were made entirely to inaugurate my new mini bundt pan. My main project that day was the baking and decorating of The American Sweethearts, which were cakelettes in shades of red, white, and blue made to celebrate the USA. I used the leftover batter to try out my new pan and ended up with the cutest and most delicious mini bundt cakes. So adorable! 

The key to get these cakes looking pretty is the vibrancy of the batter. Once stuff bakes the colors become slightly duller. So I always make sure my batter is extra vibrant and deeply colored to get that super awesome end result once I'm done baking. The new pan was fun to use, albeit a wee bit messy because of how small the cavities were. While the mini bundt cakes baked everyone at home kept on repeatedly asking me, "Is they done?", trying to chivy it out straight from the pan. That's the fate of bite sized desserts! *laughs*

They came out looking so cute with the prettiest vibrant colors too! The new pan was brilliant. Their texture was the softest and cakey delicious just like it was supposed to be and they popped out of the pan smoothly like a piece of cake. Pun intended! When they had cooled down I dusted them with icing sugar so they'd get the white colors of the USA too! They looked adorable!

They reminded me of snow and Winter for some reason. But then icing sugar always reminds me of snow! The mini bundts looked straight out of a fairy tale book. They were adorable!

They matched with my red, white, and blue American Sweethearts and served next to them looked so pretty! What an adorable way of celebrating the USA!

Beautiful, are they not?

They tasted of sweet vanilla goodness! And anything bite sized obviously brings out double the excitement in me so I was so in love with these mini bundts. They were pretty bites of deliciousness which melted in my mouth as soon as I'd taken a bite! Yummm ....

That's a LOT of prettiness in a plate, if you ask me!

I loved how they looked! I have made a mental note to myself that I can bake these up for parties and customize them according to themes by changing their colors. I wanted them looking cute and adorable so I left the rounded bottoms (the rounded tops which rose in the pan) but I know that I can even slice off the rounded base to get a perfectly flat bottom. These are really so adorable I think I absolutely MUST get the pan out again! *Walks off to her kitchen*

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  1. What a great idea for parties and picnics. Especially for kids. I've seen those pans, I might just have to get one now. Thanks for the idea!

  2. These would be a wonderful treat for the Fourth of July. Weekends In Maine


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