Thursday, April 26, 2018

Walnutty Banana Chocolate Nut Loaf

A classic is always unbeatable!

Sure, I bake up lots of fancy things but when I bake a classic it's always mind blowing! I baked this delicious, moist, and super yumm Banana Chocolate Nut Loaf one evening and it was half gone in the blink of an eye even before it cooled completely!

This picture is straight out of the oven. The chocolate chips were still semi melted and gooey and the cake loaf was steaming and smelling heavenly when I grabbed my camera and snapped this picture!

It was a glorious loaf. The kind you'd find in a typical cafe or bakery, staring at you from behind a glass case. The kind that would give you instant cravings. The kind that would make you feel warm inside!

Let me tell you, it was particularly difficult for everybody in my house (including myself, who is usually patient with her baking) to wait for this loaf to cool down before we cut into it. We tried our best and could only wait until it was about halfway cool. Then we lost control and next second a knife had sunk through the cake loaf making the most moistest and delicious pieces ever!

Oops! I should have warned you before this picture, right? This was a seriously moist cake loaf. The chocolate chips inside were just the perfect kind of gooey in the middle of a moist and sweet banana cake sponge. The nuts inside gave the most brilliant kind of crunch in every bite. It was so good!

LOOK AT THE MOISTNESS! It shows in the picture. Check out the gooey chocolate chips and the super soft sponge. Yummy!

This was one of those cake loaves which tastes delicious no matter how you eat it. When fresh out of the oven the loaf was warm and just so good, it spread warmth throughout my body as I gulped it down. It was comfort. It made me feel comfy inside. A heavy cozy blanket on a cold winter night kind of comfy. It was so soothing! The next day I had it cold straight from the fridge and my God was it delicious. 

Baking up anything banana is always a favorite for me. I love the sweetness bananas lend to cakes but even more than that I love the texture they add. They turn them into this perfect kind of moist and I feel like there's a certain level of banana-stickiness to the cake even though they're not actually sticky and gooey at all. Bananas really do so much magic in a cake! They're brilliant!

Let me tell you, this cake was just gone in like two days. It was so good. The chocolate, nuts, and bananas in this cake loaf were a match made in heaven. SO delicious and packed with SO much flavor! Mmmm mmmmm .....

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  1. I wouldn't have thought to put this combination together but it looks yummy and extremely moist. Weekends In Maine


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