Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Have a Blessed Ramadan 2018!

Here's wishing Muslims all around the globe Ramadan Mubarak! May the month be full of peace, blessings, and countless happy moments. May God bless us all, bring our families closer, make our friendships and communities stronger, and bless our hearts with goodness so we can all become better versions of ourselves!

Each year I plan out my Ramadan with super duper excitement. We're super low on energy while fasting so Abbie and I make our Sehri meals ahead of time and freeze them. Currently, our freezers are bursting with food and frozen frying type items from the store. About a few days before Ramadan begins we begin cooking Sehri saalans and then in a ziplock they go and straight to the freezer. It saves us a lot of time which we then use to the best of our abilities towards praying and doing all that good stuff. I've even managed to clean most of the house (as much as my broken wrists allowed me) so I don't have to worry about deep cleaning until Eid. For Iftaari this year, I am again gearing up to bake some super delicious desserts! Ramadan is the one month in our house when we don't think about diets so this is my chance to get my Sara's Baked Creations mode on! Haha! It's all going to be super awesome, God willing and I'm just so excited!

I've set some personal goals for myself this Ramadan. I want to do as much as possible. Quran and prayers will be my top priority above all else. I hope I'm able to do my best! I get really terrible murderous thunderous migraines when I fast so everyday is a challenge for me. Good luck to me for that! Other than my spiritual goals I'm also going to be focusing on self care a lot this Ramadan. I've been ignoring myself a lot lately and things need fixing! This will be the perfect time for that.

This year all I wish for is peace. I've cleansed out as much as I could before the month began (both within myself and also removed toxicity from my surroundings) and I intend to stay as far away from negativity as possible. I just want to say this to everyone: Please stop being toxic. At least for a month. It can't be that hard, trust me. A month is just around thirty days. This year, please, just please, try not to make Ramadan a kitty party-ish affair. Don't focus on how huge of a gathering you managed to invite for Iftar at the local masjid. Focus on how many needy people you were able to help and feed this month. Don't focus on how gourmet your food provision was during your Iftar parties. Focus on how beautiful and sincere your prayers were. Don't focus on what the other person was wearing. Focus on what special good deed they were doing and then do it yourself. Don't focus your energy on dissing others, bringing them down, and getting into comparison wars. Focus on how to become the most awesome human beings on planet earth so that when Non Muslims look our way they only see goodness and not the foul misconceptions which haters and bigots have created. Be the best example so that there can be no possibility left for negative misconceptions! Because really, Muslims, if truly sincere to faith, can be the best human beings!

Ramadan Mubarak,
Be kind, be nice, be awesome!
Have a beautiful month!

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