Thursday, May 10, 2018

My Socks Are Cuter Than Yours!

Aren't cute socks just the cutest things EVER? I love getting cute socks for myself and my collection right now contains way more socks than I think I can even wear in an entire month! Haha! But hey, they come up with the cutest new designs each time a new season begins and then I find myself standing in the shop with round puppy dog eyes hoping the heavens would split open to tell me that it's okay and perfectly fine if I buy a few more pairs! This time though, I didn't have to go through the dilemma because mama and Abbie came home with these awesome six pairs for me. They're from Target's Bullseye Playground and I guess these must have been Valentines themed! I love them all, but I think I have a favorite ... Ssshhhhh, don't want to hurt their feelings!

This one's a dark dark shade of blue with grey toes and pink hearts all over. It reminds me of the days when Hilary Duff used to be in her teens and the best kind of fashion was wearing neon level pinks with denim jeans. Those were some serious good times and this pair is totally the same level of girly and cute and elegant at the same time!

In my case the sock should say 'Me + Me = Glitter' but it conveys the love for glitter and is purpalllllll! I love purple and pair it with pink and I'll be head over heels! Haha! Get it? Heels. Socks?

THISSSSS almost became my most favorite. I think this is my second most favorite one. For sure. I love the colors so much, the hearts are super adorable, and that's my life's motto on top. Hahaha! FRIES BEFORE GUYS! Totally me. Hey, I should make a cake inspired by this pair of socks someday! That would be really cute!

The typical candy hearts socks! How cute can they be? Seriously. Check the level of cuteness. It's hazardous - it's just TOO cute! Aahhhhhh!

This one is SO Chesire Cat from Alice In Wonderland. Like, you look at these socks and you instantly see Cheshi there. "Every adventure requires a first step!" ... Step. Get it? Step. Socks. I did it again. I'm such a genius! Hahaha! We're all mad here!

XoXo! These are my girly version Gossip Girl reference socks. What's not to love about these? Pink. Red. XoXos all over. Glamorous, fabulous. fantabulous, gorjabulous.

Andddddddd presenting my most favorite!!! The white sock with the roses on it. The pinks and the light teal/turquious ... I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PAIR! This is my most favorite one! It's very Beauty and the Beast pretty rose type but like its pink version. I love it!

Oh how beautiful these new socks are! They are such a nice addition to my collection of cute socks. They're everything I love. Girly, beautiful, funky, and super colorful! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!

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