Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sara's Word ~ Where Have I Been?

Oh my God, is this really happening? Am I really typing a new blog post right now? Am I really and finally back to my beautiful blog? Wow. It's about time too. I've missed blogging and looking at my pretty blog and blabbering on and on and on ... errrr, you get the point. I've been away and I've had a good break and now that I'm back I have a million things planned for my darling blog! But first, the most important question ...

Where have I been? I've been away for like a month. Now that's a lot of time, isn't it? So where was I? Truth be told, I was right here. I just wasn't blogging. Life threw a hectic fit at me during April and I basically took May off from life. Sounds so cool and all now but I actually felt pretty dull without my blog. I tried writing a million times during May but I just was too brain dead to do it. So after multiple attempts I decided I'd give myself a break. I never even came around to mention this break's beginning on my blog and thus it seemed like I'd just disappeared! Ramadan came up in May, leaving me with little to no energy too. So I basically just fell off the face of the earth. But I hung on to it with my pinky finger and now I'm back and with some serious BANG too, I tell you!

Sooooo what's up, where are we? In April I was on fire with the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. In May I was lying low. In June I have returned, risen from the ashes a mighty fierce phoenix ready to spread her wings ..... okay, cut it, too much drama. The point is, I'm back! I have so many things planned for my blog. I'd like to take June as the month during which I fully return. We still have a couple days of Ramadan left and then there'll be the mighty grand Eid celebration. So June will pretty much be a tad bit packed too. Instead, I want to take this time to plan and prep for ... *drum rolls* THE HARRY POTTER JULY! Yesssssss, that's right! July is coming up and just like last year I'm going to be celebrating the entire month and honoring the greatest fandom to have ever existed on planet earth! Yeppp, that's my big grand announcement! I'll be back with more details in a couple of days. This year, I want to make it bigger! This year, I want to connect with all my fellow Potterheads out there! It's going to be SO exciting!

I feel so awesome just having typed up this babble. Phew. Glad to be out of that pathetic bloggers' writer's block! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy, I'm back!!! *squeeeeeals in excitement* So watch this space for some serious awesomeness in the next few days. It will be great, I promise!

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