Saturday, July 7, 2018

Hogwarts Express Themed Magical Makeup Cases

You've just been stupefied.
Wait, you think it didn't work?
Well, what you're about to see just now is going to stupefy you anyway.
Be prepared to lose all ability to think straight or make reason out of this world.
Be prepared to have your mind boggled by the beauty you're about to see next.
Potterheads, I present to you the most magical makeup cases!
The too good to be true Hogwarts Express themed makeup cases!

Aren't they stunning? These beautiful cases come as a set of three and are part of some of the most recent additions to my Harry Potter collection. Abbie and I bagged these from Hot Topic and got ourselves a set each. They're super pretty! And while I usually can't pick favorites this time I have one!

The original packaging had them packed one inside the other!

The largest case in the set is a clear one with a Platform 9 3/4 design on it. Even though it's transparent it captures the essence of the platform so well. It's body is black with a red leathery border around the edges and a beautiful gold 'Platform 9 3/4' design across its front. It instantly sends me back to the Wizarding World in Orlando where I boarded The Hogwarts Express through the magic platform with Abbie by my side. *Sighs* Such precious memories ...

The details are so pretty!

The middle sized case is a one way ticket from London to Hogwarts. This is such a good replica of the ticket I just love it! I'm thinking of using this one as the cards/extra stuff holder inside my everyday handbag. But then I also think it would look stunning when displayed in my Potterhead's shelf. Ahhh, tough decisions to make, yes? But however way I use it it is just stunning!

I have my ticket, now may I please be allowed to board the train to Hogwarts?

Remember I said I have a favorite? The smallest case in this set is a replica of the chocolate frog packets and my absolute favorite! I love love love LOVE it. The detailing is just perfect because it is EXACTLY like the real chocolate frog I bought from the Wizarding World, which is currently displayed in my shelf. This is actually really beautiful and has a shine to it. It's adorable!!! I'm thinking of using this to collect my wizards' cards. I still need to check this but I think they'll fit perfectly inside this super duper awesome case!


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