Sunday, July 1, 2018

It's Harry Potter July 2018!

Oh look, July has begun! It may be an ordinary month for some but for Potterheads it's THE month of celebration. It's the birth month of JK Rowling and Harry Potter and what more of an excuse to celebrate, right? Since the past few times I have decided to celebrate the entire month by honoring the fandom. The Harry Potter fandom is officially the most grand fandom in the world (all other opinions are not asked for!) and in July I shall be making sure I spend most of my time all kinds of magical stuff! So let the celebration begin!

Just like last year, this year too I have a lot planned. I'll start with the most awesome bit. The Potterific July Instagram Challenge! I'm hosting a thirty one days long Instagram Challenge this year and it's one of the things I am MOST excited about. I posted all the deets earlier and if you're a Potterhead and have an Instagram I invite you join us this July! It's going to be extremely fun and super magical! You can find the detailed post about the challenge by clicking here!

Grab your wands, pull up your sleeves, get ready! ⚡️Calling all Potterheads to join me in taking the Potterific July Photo Challenge! ✨ Today I officially welcome The Potterific July which is my grand celebration of The Harry Potter Fandom throughout the month! ✨ - - - All you have to do is follow the prompts listed above for each day of the challenge. Each day we’ll use the prompt to post a HP themed picture and tag it using #PotterificJuly ✨ - - - If you miss a prompt, no biggie, just catch up or keep going! Let’s have some fun Potter style! Make sure you use the hashtag or none of us will be able to find your posts! ⚡️ - - - Will you be taking up the Potterific July Photo Challenge? ⚡️✨ - - - ➡️ Check link in profile for more info! #PotterificJuly #harrypotter #harrypotterfan #harrypotterfandom #potterheads #photochallenge #picoftheday #hogwarts #hogsmeade #magic #wizardingworldofharrypotter #wizardingworld #photography #wands #theboywholived #quidditch #diagonalley #owlpost
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While the Instagram challenge is the highlight of my celebration this year that's not it! I have lots more planned. I'll be sharing my favorite quotes and moments from the Harry Potter movies along with showing off some of the most recent or most favorite pieces from my HP merchandise collection. My collection keeps getting blessed with more and more magical merch and I think it's a must for me to share some of it on my blog. If all goes as planned I might even be able to share some Harry Potter arts and crafts too. Sooooo basically a LOT is on my mind and today is officially the first day of this absolutely magical month!

Do not forget to check out the Instagram challenge. It's a lot of fans sharing lots of magical pictures and you do NOT want to miss this. I'm looking forward to the rest of July! It'll be bloody brilliant!

Have a magical month Potterheads!

Here are all the entries from this year's Harry Potter July!
(The index will keep being updated as my entries keep coming!)

My Harry Potter Funko Pops Wish List

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