Tuesday, July 10, 2018

My Harry Potter Funko Pops Wish List

That moment when someone was struck with the idea of creating Funko pops must have been SO awesome. Truly it is one of those super great ideas to have occurred to a human brain! I love how adorable these are. With their perfect size and imperfect mouthless faces they have got to be the cutest figurines to have ever been created. As you all know I'm collecting Harry Potter Funko pops and because I have an ever growing list I have decided they needed a wish list of their own. This wish list is dedicated entirely to the pops I want to add to my collection and are sort of in the order I would want to have them (from 'I need it right now' to 'I can wait a little bit for it'). Each character has various versions of pops and I am very specific about the versions I want so I'm listing them below! I need ONLY these versions. ONLY! As I keep buying them I'll keep updating this list!

Professor Snape in his original cape!

Ron Weasley in his Yule Ball Dress Robes

Hermione Granger in her Yule Ball Dress Robes

Albus Dumbledore
I want this specific version of him and not the other!

Rubeus Hagrid

Professor Lupin

Fred and George Weasley

Sirius Black

Professor McGonagall

Gilderoy Lockhart


Bellatrix in her black dress!


Lucius Malfoy - I'm fine with or without the prophecy, either one!

Ginny Weasley in Quidditch Robes
I only want the one where she's wearing Quidditch robes AND is standing.
I don't want the one where she's mounted and flying!

Luna Lovegood wearing the Spectrespecs!

Harry Potter wearing Quidditch Robes with his broom and Snitch
I don't want the one where he's flying on his broomstick. ONLY want him standing with it!

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