Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Sara's Word ~ Burnt Out & Firing Up My Blogging Mojo

Ah, look what we have here. A new month; August begins!
August is the month with literally nothing happening for me. No birthdays in the family, no nothing. Well, there's bro's wedding anniversary mid month but since he sulks and pretends he is not celebrating (even though he is, duh!) I'm not exactly taking that into account! *laughs* Anyhow, long story short, August is just a big blank for me.

Back in April when I took the Blogging from A to Z Challenge I guess my brains just burnt out. Since then I keep feeling like I haven't quite properly blogged on here. While I do allow myself breaks to breathe, this isn't super cool because my blog is one of those few lifelines I rely on to stay sane in this messed up world of crazies. Work, chores, and babysitting my darling nieces take up my entire day and if I ever get a few minutes to myself my brain is just dead. It refuses to function. Like total shut down. I end up switching on my laptop and staring at a blank screen. It's a strange feeling like my brain has become super tired and needs to lie down. Creepy thought, but yeah. As a result I just basically spend my few minutes doing nothing and the day is done and dusted. *sighs*

In the month of July, however, I did put my game on and celebrated a brilliant Potterific July here and on Insta. The challenge on Instagram was a super success and I managed to blog Harry Potter themed throughout the month too. It felt great to be blogging properly again. Now all I need to do is continue my awesomeness with non Harry Potter (muggle) stuff as well. I've been planning some great blog posts and I would do anything right now to actually find some time to myself so that I can execute these plans.

Hey everyone! ✨ After a super long time I’m going to bring my Insta back to the real world - Muggle world, that is. Throughout July I was hosting the #PotterificJuly insta challenge and my feed became full of magical pictures. Now that August has begun I am getting back to #blogging and posting about anything and everything! I’m starting with this beautiful picture of a time when I sat in peace, sipping a @starbucks double chocolate chipp frappuccino and welcoming Summer - my least favorite season! ☀️ I really can’t wait for Fall to begin! 🍁🍂 〰️〰️〰️ #shinyhappybloggers #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleblog #lbloggers #lblogger #lblog #blogger #blogging #blog #starbucks #afternoonmade #chocolate #chocoholic #chocolatechip #doublechocolatechipfrap #mischiefmanaged @hottopic #hottopicfashion #chocolatelovers #loveofchocolate #harrypotter #potterhead #maraudersmap #summer #season #fall #cantwaitforfall
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Although the start of August doesn't stir any excitement in my heart, there is a little something which is actually nice. We're getting closer to Fall! Yessss, my favorite season of the year is slowly approaching as the days of this God forsaken Summer pass me by. I am already dreaming about color changing leaves, cooler days, and Fall festivities all around. Honestly, I tried my best to enjoy Summer this year but it just isn't my season. I hate the heat, the bugs, the sweat, the dullness. So even though I had some nice Summery things in my life I still can't say anything nice about the season. I won't be a whiner though (at least I will try!) and will soon be posting about all the Summer activities I've been up to!

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Currently, I am trying to retrieve my beloved room from under piles of unsorted shopping and craft stuff. I was almost done too but then some issues in my bathroom meant a handyman visited and my room was back to chaos again. The handyman left and I thought I had my life back again but a day after we figured he had done a sloppy job which needs to be reevaluated by someone. So another handyman is due to visit us (hopefully this week) after which I will finally be able to live my life in peace again. Fingers crossed!

August goals for me are trying to rest my mind and getting my blogging mojo back. I already feel like it's going to work out and I might miss a day here and there but I'll try my best and enjoy my heart out! Have a happy August everybody!

~ Sara

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