Friday, February 6, 2015

#ButtMustGo January 2015

While I had started the ButtMustGo plan some time ago initially, I'd had to discontinue it. There were so many birthdays, parties, and happy occasions coming up resulting in a lot of cheat days. However, it had just been discontinued, never abandoned nor cancelled.

I'm proud to say I have been committed this month and have been strictly following the ButtMustGo workout plan! I've made friends with The Treadmill, whom we shall name Turby because it says Turbo something something on it as its brand.

I am doing the Turby every alternate day except if I'm not well or not home. Gradually I have been increasing the speed so I do more in twenty minutes each time I workout, and once I reach a number I can no longer increase without falling off of Turby I'll start increasing the time too!

And the journey continues ...

I've cut down on food too and am trying my best to strictly follow my diet plan. I'm alternating between 3/4th of an apple, a bowl of soup, or some Daal (lentils) with a tbsp. or two of some vegetables every day. If I eat apples today, I'll have soup for lunch tomorrow, and then Daal with vegetables the next day.
I am human! And it is tough to not cheat with this kind of a diet sometimes. The goal is to minimize the binges and cheat as few times and with the least harmful things as possible.
I actually took pictures of everything I ate, minus whatever was repeated because even my camera doesn't like seeing apples again and again.

I cheated a couple times:
1) Had a samosa once! Baked, not fried! This was when I started off ButtMustGo so I was still in vacation-mode.
2) Had an innocent little Hersheys Kiss (Dark Chocolate) ...
3) Had an M&M or two with Bestie (come on! They get lost in your mouth, they're that tiny)
4) A thin wedge out of the super sized cupcake we cut to celebrate Gubby turning two months old. It was thin enough for me to feel the taste yet not feel guilty!
5) The biggest binge and cheat I did was a Starbucks hot chocolate! I drank only half of it because the place's smallest size wasn't the usual kid size Starbucks has. This was totally justified because I was having a really hard day! Sometimes I allow myself to be human.
6) on another VERY tough day, bestie bought us Kulfis!

Despite the cheats I still believe I've made great progress staying on track! Hopefully Turby and dieting will continue and I'll be successful at ButtMustGo very soon!

- S. Ali

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