Saturday, May 9, 2015

#ButtMustGo April 2015

April was FABULOUS in the case of my ButtMustGo efforts! I was consistent with Turby (that's the name of my treadmill) and also with my diet. I could see the results at last and all thanks to a change in diet and workout patterns! 

First, the workout! I've been working out in intervals and what that means is I spend a little time walking at one speed and then quickly increase it, tread some more, and then decrease it again. I've found out it helps cheat your body and helps you lose many more calories than if you tread for the same high speed for the entire duration of your workout. So far thirty minutes has been my workout time (I don't know if I'll increase that!) and my speeds range from a three to a five on my treadmill. I don't believe the calories' count Turby shows is accurate because everybody's body is different and no mathematical calculation fed in this machine can tell me something even I don't know about my own body. So I've been using the calories' count just to compare whether I increased the intensity of my workout or not. All I want to aim for is to increase the number of calories Turby shows within the same thirty minutes interval! I've also been doing exercises on Bob the Ball (the yellow exercise ball ... yes, I have to name everything!) after the treadmill workout.

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Now let me talk about my diet throughout April. I started off April with some salad and protein for lunch but it did not last too long. I had my wisdom teeth extraction surgery done and ended up on a liquid diet. Abbie did wonders with the awesome stuff she gave me in liquid form. I thought I'd be tasting bland food after the surgery but the food she gave was so delicious!
Once that was done and I was allowed to eat proper food again I fell into a very healthy diet routine. My plate was the perfectly ideal plate they draw diagrams of in science text books. I had protein (usually in the omelette form) for lunch along with some leafy green vegetables or lentils. For dinner I had a good load of protein with very little carbs and some vegetables to do the filling up. My goal was to cut down and control carbs. I was taking only a couple of bites of rice just to taste it or only a tiny bit or roti or bread. It helps! The whole do-not-starve-to-try-to-lose-weight debate is actually true. Initially when I lost 40 lbs ages back (I used to be very fat in my early teens!), the starvation diet worked but now when I was trying to lose a little bit more (I'm all good now but had gained a few pounds recently) the diet was doing no good. I finally trashed that away and went on a healthy diet plus workout routine and OH MY GOD ... I've lost at least NINE pounds in a month! April was awesome to me in this regard!

When I found out I was actually dropping pounds so awesomely my motivation has doubled up! I'm going to lose more through May hopefully and get back to a normal weight BMI! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (think throwing my hands in the air and running around kind of a 'yay').
Let's see how May turns out for me and my ButtMustGo efforts!

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