Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Salman Khan Arrested ... One Sad Morning

This man shall be missed.

I was happily fighting away hunger pangs as I waited for my oatmeal to be done and ready. Abbie was scrolling through her Twitter feed when she delivered the terrible news. "Salman Khan got sentenced to five years in prison!" My first reaction was, "Oh no Abba!" (Abba is another version of the nick Abbie I use for my sister)

It is indeed a very sad news. While I'm not as crazy about Salman Khan as my sister is (she ABSOLUTELY LOVES him) I do love him too. He's the kind of personality who makes you curse all other men around you for not being Salman Khan-ish. See him simply walk on your television screen and you can't help but smile at how much attitude and style he puts forward with each step.

I'm nobody to judge what happened about a decade ago in that car accident. But whatever it was, this man shouldn't have been arrested .. it's just not right to not have a dose of Salman Khan for five years straight! It'll be tough for all his fans (hello, I'm talking million people here!) ...

I'm not saying the man who died should be ignored or those who were injured should be neglected. I'm just Bollywood crazy, okay? And this man has done way too much good to go to jail! His efforts through Being Human, adopting needy families, and helping out just about anybody he finds in his way ... do we ignore all of that?
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I'm totally blabbering right now, I know that. It's just a shocker to know he won't be around for five years! Salman Khan will be dearly missed! He's had lots of people creating controversies against him and I guess they'll be the only happy people on earth after hearing today's news.


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